Students: Updating Phone Information

Information is retrieved from eSIS (electronic Student Information System) on a twice daily basis. So in order to correct your information here, you must make the changes in eSIS. Changes will appear in the online directory either mid-afternoon or the following morning.

Log in to eSIS

The phone number displayed in search results is the one designated as your "Main" phone number in eSIS.  To change it or update it:

  1. Log into eSIS. Start in the Student Center and scroll down to the Personal information section.
    eSIS Personal Information section
  2. Within the Personal Information section you should notice a box called Contact Information. Inside of that box should be a link called Main Phone Number... click that link to go to the Phone Numbers page.
  3. On the Phone Numbers page, you can update your "Main" phone number.  Use the format NNN/NNN-NNNN if possible:
    eSIS Telephone Information
  4. Click "Save" to save your changes.