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edTPA Scoring and Retake Policy

Scoring and Retake Policy for edTPA for Teacher Candidates

Effective 9/1/2016
Updated 1/1/2020

According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, teacher candidates (TCs) completing Wisconsin Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) and applying for initial certification in Wisconsin on or after September 1, 2016, will be required to complete and pass edTPA in order to be endorsed for Wisconsin licensure by the Wisconsin DPI.

Handbooks will be selected from the list of approved handbooks for each licensure area found on the DPI website.  Candidates are only required to submit one edTPA.

Submission to Pearson and UWRF must occur by the date assigned by UWRF.  Candidates must submit an edTPA in order to receive a passing score in student teaching.

Passing scores for the edTPA are as follows:  The cut score for the edTPA in Wisconsin is 38 (32 for handbooks with 13 rubrics – World Language and 45 for handbooks with 18 rubrics)  Candidates must reach the passing score in order to be recommended for licensure.  A candidate who does not reach the cut score can follow the UWRF retake guidelines.

UWRF EPP Program edTPA Retake Guidelines

The edTPA is one of multiple measures that the UWRF EPP programs use to determine if a new teacher should be allowed to successfully complete student teaching and be recommended for licensure.  UWRF EPP programs provide educational opportunities during pre-service teaching to prepare candidates to successfully complete the edTPA and offer multiple in-service meetings during student teaching to support teacher candidates while they are completing the edTPA.  It is our belief that every TC should be prepared to take and successfully pass the edTPA on their first attempt.  TC candidates who dedicate adequate time to planning, instructing and assessing learning and to completing their edTPA write-up should be able to pass the edTPA on the first attempt.

If a TC does not pass an edTPA on the first attempt the following steps will be taken:

  1. The TC will inform the edTPA Coordinator that he/she did not reach the state mandated passing score and set up a meeting to discuss his/her edTPA results.
  2. The edTPA Coordinator will contact the Field Placement Coordinator and Program Coordinator.
  3. A review of the overall performance of the teacher candidate will be provided by the Field Placement Coordinator and Program Coordinator to the edTPA Coordinator.  This review will help provide a complete picture of the TC overall success or difficulty in student teaching and overall preparation to teach.
  4. The TC will meet with the edTPA Coordinator and his/her Program Coordinator to discuss their overall standing in the program and the results of his/her edTPA.
  5. A remediation plan will be put in place.
  6. If the remediation plan includes additional student teaching, the TC will be required to enroll in a 3 credit Independent Study course during the semester in which he/she plans to complete their edTPA.  In order to receive a passing grade in the course, a completed edTPA must be submitted to Pearson.

Some possible remediation recommendations:


  1. The TC is terminated from student teaching.
  2. The TC received a condition code from Pearson and may resubmit without rewriting an entire task or student teaching again.
  3. The TC will resubmit 1-3 tasks of the edTPA    
    1. The edTPA Coordinator will make a recommendation based on the score.
    2. The TC will respond in writing to areas he/she need to improve and what he/she plan to do to retake and resubmit.
    3. If the TC needs to repeat student teaching it may take up to a year to secure a new placement.  If a new placement is required, the TC will be required to enroll in an Independent Study credit during the semester in which he/she are completing their placement.
  4. UWRF will support one retake of the edTPA if the candidate follows the suggested re-take remediation recommended by the Program Coordinator and edTPA Coordinator.

edTPA Submission and Retake Deadlines


All edTPAs should be submitted by the posted edTPA due date.  Any students who do not submit an edTPA will receive a failing grade for student teaching.  Any edTPAs that are submitted more than 60 days after the posted edTPA due date, will not be allowed to request a UWRF “exemption” to the passing score.  Any students submitting more than 90 days after the posted edTPA due date will not receive support from UWRF to complete submission.  Any submissions that are made more than 90 days after the required submission date, should go directly through the Pearson site, not Chalk and Wire.  Students who submit outside of this window will not qualify for UWRF remediation for non-passing scores.  If an edTPA is not submitted within the 90 days after the due date, a grade of F will be issued for student teaching.  Any students wishing to appeal this policy should schedule an appointment with the Field Experiences director.

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