Student Teaching

Applying to Student Teach

Student teaching occurs during a teacher candidate's final semester in the Education Preparation Program. To begin the placement process to student teach a candidate will be required to apply to student teach at least one year in advance of when they wish to student teach. To review the requirements to student teach please click on the appropriate application on the right.

Fall 2022 Student Teachers:

Watch this Video First Before you Apply to Student Teach!

  • *Please make special note as to the two ways you MUST apply:
  1. Sending your resume and autobiography electronically to AND Providing a hard copy of the application, resume and autobiography to either WYMAN EDUCATION BUILDING room 203 or sending it in the mail to UWRF, Wyman Education Building Room 203 410 South 3rd St. River Falls, WI 54022 ATTN: Dr. Wanda Schlesser

*Financial considerations- Because money is tight for everyone, please simply place your hard copy in an envelope. Do not add fancy folders, paper clips, etc. In addition, you DO NOT need to send this certified mail. Put your hard copies in an envelope with the appropriate postage for the weight of the materials. (usually 2 stamps)

The following is a link to the pre-recorded presentation that Career Services has provided to assist you with resume and autobiography:




Student Teaching Application

Applications to student teach are due one year prior to student teaching.  Due dates:  Spring placements by 4:30 PM on April 15th;  Fall placements by 4:30 PM on November 15th.