EPP - Field Experience

Hours by Course


Courses which have a field experience, and the total number of contact hours needed to fulfill the requirements of the course.  Unless otherwise noted, all field hours take place outside of scheduled class meetings. In addition, candidates will be responsible to provide their own transportation to their placement(s). All placements require cooperating teachers to complete an evaluation of the candidate as part of the experience which will be placed in your chalk and wire portfolio. The evaluations and placements are developmental in scope and sequence and evaluate the candidates dispositions, and knowledge and performance of the Wisconsin Teacher Standards.

SPED 330 Introduction to Special Education

10 hours

TED 100 Intro to Education

7 hours

TED 211 Educational Psychology: Elementary Education

10 hours (honors students – 20 hrs)

TED 212 Educational Psychology: Middle & Secondary Education

25 hours

TED/ENGL 252 Foundations of Multicultural Education (d)

25 hours (falcon tutors) 
Transportation will be provided
Scheduled as a lab with TED 252

Elementary Education Methods Block I

TED 312 Elementary Techniques Science
TED 315 Elementary Techniques in Mathematics
TED 317 Reading Practicum

150 hours

Placement is full days, three days per week (MWF) during the final eight weeks of the semester.

Elementary Education Methods Block II

TED 310 Elementary Techniques in Language Arts
TED 311 Elementary Techniques Social Studies
TED 316 Developmental Reading

150 hours

Placement is full days, three days per week (MWF) during the final eight weeks of the semester.

 TED 330 Infant and Toddler Programs

20 hours

 TED 332 Preschool Curriculum

14-18 hours

 TED 335 Kindergarten Curriculum & Materials

14-18 hours

 TED 414 Developmental of the Transescent

15 hours

TED 422 Secondary School & Content Area Reading

15 hours

Secondary Content Area Methods Courses

TED 425 Techniques of Elementary Education: Physical Education
TED 428 Techniques in TESOL
TED 429 Techniques of Early Childhood-Adolescence:Health Education
TED 430 Techniques in Art
TED 432 Techniques in English
TED 435 Techniques in Physical Education
TED 437 Techniques of Middle-Secondary Education: Modern Languages
TED 440 Techniques in Agriculture
TED 448 Techniques of Elementary Education: Modern Languages

25 hours

Social Studies Methods Block

TED 433 Techniques in Social Studies
TED 463 Content Area Literacy in Middle & Secondary School Social Science
TED 466 Management Strategies for the Secondary Social Science Classroom
BFSS 400 Curriculum Development for Social Studies

75-100 hours

It is strongly recommended not to scheduled other courses while in the Social Studies Block

Science Methods Block

TED 434 Techniques in Science
TED 462 Content Area Literacy in Middle & Secondary School Science
TED 465 Management Strategies for the Secondary Science Classroom

75-100 hours 

Mathematics Methods Block

TED 438 Techniques in Mathematics
TED 464 Content Area Literacy in Middle & Secondary School Mathematics
TED 467 Management Strategies for the Secondary Mathematics Classroom
MATH 305 Integrating Technology in Teaching Secondary Mathematics

75-100 hours