Academic Advising

Advising Assignments

Candidates in the Educator Preparation Program are assigned an advisor to help support them throughout the program.  Candidates are expected to meet with his / her advisor a minimum of once a semester while participating in the program.

Elementary Education Majors
Early Childhood - Middle Childhood and Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence

Elementary education majors will be assigned to the college's adviser Mr. Michael Martin until he/she is formally admitted to the Educator Preparation Program (EPP).  Once a candidate is admitted to the Educator Preparation Program he/she will be assigned a faculty adviser in the Teacher Education Department.

Early Childhood - Degree Completion Program

Early Childhood majors will be assigned to Dr. Gay Ward the program director. 

 Secondary Education
Early Adolescence - Adolescence (ages 10-21) and Early Childhood - Adolescence (all grade levels)

 The department of the major will assign an academic adviser. If you have questions regarding the educator preparation program please contact Mr. Michael Martin (715) 425-3774, or Mr. Tyler Koepke (715) 425-3708.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are not required to see an adviser every semester but it is strongly encouraged to assist you.  An advisor will be assigned to you by your program area department.

We Teach Candidates

Students who are participating in the We Teach program will be assigned an adviser in their primary academic area and Mr. Tyler Koepke the director of the We Teach program for supplementary advising and academic support.

Department / Office

Agricultural Education
131 Agricultural Science Building 

Art Education
172 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Biology Education
414 Agricultural Science Building

Broad Field Science
104a Centennial Science Hall

Chemistry Education
253 Centennial Science Hall

Communicative Disorders
B31 Wyman Education

Counseling Program
257 Wyman Education

English Education
245 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Health & Human Performance
(Physical Ed. Health, Coaching)
111 Karges

History (Broad Field Social Studies)
307 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Mathematics Education
207 North Hall

Modern Language Education
(French, German, Spanish)

284 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Physics Education
125 Centennial Science Hall

School Psychology
257 Wyman Education

Social Work
203 Wyman Education

Teacher Education
257 Wyman Education

Teaching English as a 2nd Language
245 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Undergraduate General Advising
205 Wyman Education

We Teach Program
127 Wyman Education