Current Undergraduate Students

CBE Advising Expectations

Your academic advisor is here to support you and help you achieve academic success.  Advising is a team effort between you and your advisor.  Here is what is expected of you as the advisee and what you can expect from your advisor:

You Your Advisor

Be Prepared: You should have reviewed your DAR, completed the Academic Advising Worksheet, and developed a list of questions to discuss.

Be Prepared: Your advisor will have reviewed your academic progress, previous notes, opportunities, and developed a list of questions they may have for you.

Be Proactive: You should be in communication with your advisor more than once per semester to ensure your progress, ask important questions, develop your academic plan and share any concerns that you may have.

Be Proactive: Your advisor should be in communication with you monthly to share important dates, deadlines, and relevant information to ensure your success at UWRF.

Be Honest: You should never hide anything from your advisor regarding your academics or personal challenges you may be facing. Your honesty plays a significant role in your advising session.

Be Honest: Your advisor will always do what is in your best interest and develop practices to ensure your success. The advisor will never hide information from the student and always be transparent about the reality of any situation.

Be Accountable: Ultimately, you have the final say over your future and time at UWRF. You must understand that all of your choices fall back on you.

Accountability: Your advisor will always accept responsibility of the actions they take and the information they advise to you as a student.

Be Engaged: You should take a strong interest in developing a relationship with your advisor and be engaged in the advising process. Engagement in advising sessions allows for a great opportunity and experience for you as a student.

Be Supportive: Your advisor will always support you as a student and the decisions that you choose to make. Your advisor will also be supportive in referring you to other campus resources as they may see fit.

Development: You should always put forth your best effort in your development as a student and discuss what you want and need out of your experience at UWRF. This is a critical time in developing your future, so take advantage of this time in your career.    

Development: Your advisor will always do what helps you develop as a student to ensure your success both in and outside of your academics. Your advisor will remain current on the best practices and strategies of academic advising and utilize new practices as necessary.