Innovator in Residence Spring 2020

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Innovator In Residence

UW-River Falls Innovator in Residence speaker events showcase individuals that exemplify the application of innovation in their organization. Promoting a culture of innovation is increasingly important in the competitive business environment. Innovation occurs at all levels of an organization and employers are eagerly searching for talented individuals who understand the importance of innovation, product development, process improvements and creative thinking. UW-River Falls is committed to creating a culture of innovation that provides high quality opportunities for students to enhance their problem solving, creative thinking and self-starting skills. 

HC Shin Headshot

Hak Cheol (H.C.) Shin

Vice Chair and Executive Vice President of 3M Research & Development, Supply Chain, Business Transformation/IT, and Business Development

Shin spoke about leadership and innovation as it relates to the changing business landscape, how the innovation process functions, industry 4.0 and the implications for innovation and growth, leadership principles, innovation leadership, and his personal journey of philosophy of innovation.

Fall 2018


Innovator in Residence Fall 2017


John Romines

Vice President of Seed Sales, WinField United, Land O’Lakes

This presentation, “Growing a Brighter Future,” discussed how using innovation in agriculture will be able to grow more food with fewer resources to feed a growing population.

Fall 2017



Innovator in Residence making presentation to students

Derrick Edwards

President of AGS Data Systems

This talk, “Bridging Views Of Innovation,” discussed the speaker’s perspective on how technology sectors view and promote innovation and suggest ways academic cultures might broaden their conceptualization of innovation to more fully overlap that of industry allowing for better preparation of students for professional life and the enhancement public-private partnerships.

Spring 2016