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Center for Sales Excellence

Our Vision

The Center for Sales Excellence (CSE) will serve as a bridge between the College of Business and Economics Professional Sales Program and the private sector. We will become nationally recognized for connecting academia and businesses in order to achieve excellence in the fields of professional selling and sales management.

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Sales Excellence is to prepare students to become globally-oriented sales professionals, to promote the sales profession, and to support businesses in their efforts to develop an excellent sales force by offering contemporary sales programs, providing sales training through outreach programs, conducting research in the field of sales, and disseminating research results.

Sales Lab

The Sales Lab will support the Professional Sales program by facilitating role plays and mock sales calls in order to assist students in fine-tuning their personal selling skills. The Sales Lab will consist of various recording rooms, debriefing rooms, and a control room. The recording rooms will be fully-equipped with hardware, monitors, and audio video equipment. The control room functions via a centralized recording facility. This will enable the instructor and students to organize, edit, analyze, and discuss the videotaped role plays.

Corporate Partnerships

The Center for Sales Excellence offers companies three levels of partnership - principal, major, and supporting levels.

Corporate Partners have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in brand awareness opportunities via in class guest speaker arrangements, joint class lectures, information sessions, on-campus activities and sponsored events.
  • Secure access to highly qualified professional sales graduates through networking, career fair events, and engagement with prospects via job shadowing, mentoring and internship interviews.
  • Make a difference in student lives, promote professional selling as a career opportunity and help forge the next cohort of successful sales specialists.

For more information about corporate partnership opportunities, please contact Ozcan Kilic, associate professor of marketing.


The Center for Sales Excellence is located in South Hall.

For more information, contact Ozcan Kilic, associate professor of marketing.

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