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John HullPresident John Hull

A short-lived tenure

When Emery resigned for health reasons in 1893, the presidency was offered to and accepted by John Hull, who was described in local newspaper reports as “a ripe scholar, experienced educator, and a fine gentleman.”

It soon became apparent, however, that Hull lacked the vigor and enthusiasm of his predecessors. Health problems plagued him from the very start of his tenure. Students noted that he was absent from the building much of the day, often not coming in until the afternoon. One student, Constance Haugen, even speculated that he would not stay very long “as the teachers have to work too hard.” At its meeting in April, 1894, the Board of Regents accepted Hull’s resignation, commenting that “though the impaired health of President Hull has doubtless rendered it impossible for him to carry out many of his plans, we believe that the cooperation and assistance of teachers has made his administration wise and just.”Hull Era Faculty