Disclosing a Disability

College students are considered legal adults with a strong right to privacy. This is one of the reasons professors and staff at UWRF avoid monitoring individual students to consider the possibility they may have a difficult medical, physical, sensory, or brain related issue. Instead, students who want accommodation for such an issue are expected to voluntarily contact Ability Services and acknowledge it. We call that the "self-disclosure process." A convenient way is to complete the process is with a Self-Disclosure Form. The form is also available at Ability Services, room 129, Hagestad Hall.

In addition to the self-disclosure process, before accommodation is arranged most students are also expected to submit a written summary about their medical, physical, sensory, or brain related issue. That kind of paperwork is often called "documentation." It should be written by a qualified expert and contain certain kinds of detailed information. UWRF does not supply that kind of expert tor pay for any fee the expert may charge. Nor does the university attempt to contact an expert and ask for documentation on behalf of students, t often seems to take students considerable time to arrange and submit documentation, which can delay their ability to have accommodation. Also, the Ability Services office always becomes extremely busy when a new semester approaches. During those busy periods the staff are usually not able to rapidly review and react to incoming documentation. For that reason we recommend students should plan to submit their documentation at least three weeks before the start of the semester when they're planning to start having accommodation. If at all possible, we also recommend students should make an appointment to meet with Mark Johnson at Ability Services to learn about the ways these things work, either before or soon after being accepted to attend UWRF.

There is a lot of confidentiality for all of these matters. The Ability Services office functions in ways that provide all students strong measures of confidentiality.

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