Wellness - Intellectual


Intellectual Inquiry

Playing an active role in one's own educational experience and learning process.

Ask yourself

  • Am I in college because I want to be, or because I have been told I must be?
  • Do I question information I receive through various sources?
  • Am I proactive in seeking out support for my academic needs?
  • Do I see out ways to directly apply concepts I learn in the classroom?

Learn about

Wellness Booklet

"What the *$&%$ am I doing at UWRF?"document
"Fear factor: facing the faculty"document


Campus Resources

  • Academic Success Center: Pre-Major Advising, Tutoring Services, Disability Services, and TRIO Services.
  • Global Connections: International study opportunities such as Wisconsin in Scotland, Semester Abroad, St. Martin's College Exchange, Greek Seminar, and more.
  • Library: Includes Area Research Center & University Archives, circulation, government information, Interlibrary Loan/Universal Borrowing, library instruction, reference, reserve, Textbook Services.
  • Service Learning Resources: Service work helps to rebuild communities and solve serious social problems. It provides much-needed social services that, oftentimes, would not be possible without caring citizens willing to devote their time. Service is a great way to help your community, but the personal benefits of service are impressive too.
  • Sociocultural Online Resource Center: Programs and services designed to support the growth, empowerment, and educational experiences to become educated on race, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identity/expression, social justice, and power privilege and oppression.

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