About Us

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls provides high quality, innovative, learner-centered, academic and professional development programs that respond to the changing professional, cultural, and social needs of lifelong learners. We are dedicated to offering quality programs that are practical, flexible and convenient, thus fostering a climate in which our students can thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent learning experiences that respond to the needs of life-long learners.


  • We are valued as a partner within the university community and by external communities, institutions, and private enterprises.
  • We are integral to the university’s vision, serving as a key point of access to the resources and services for, and meeting the specific educational needs of, life-long learners.
  • We offer programs that are affordable, accessible, and financially sustainable.

Core Values

In addition to the university’s core values, Outreach and Continuing Education has the following core values:

Responsiveness: We respond accurately and promptly to the needs of internal and external customers.

Academic Accessibility: We are dedicated to offering academic programs that are practical, flexible, and convenient, thus fostering a climate in which our students can thrive.

Sustainable and Self-Supporting: We offer programs that are sustainable and self-supporting in the long term. Our programs provide equitable and reasonable compensation for instructors and returns to management and investment. We use the resources at our disposal responsibly.

Work-Life Balance: We recognize and support, for our employees and customers, the importance of balancing professional and personal lives.


We work with a variety of organizations, companies, government offices and individuals to accomplish these goals. Here are a few of the partnerships that we have nurtured in recent years.

Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVCT) websitelink

Communities in northwestern Wisconsin

Cooperative Education Service Agencies (CESA) 10 websitelink

Cooperative Education Service Agencies (CESA) 11 websitelink

K-12 school districts

Local chambers of commerce

Northern Lights Network websitelink

Pierce County Economic Development Corporation

Small Business Development Center website

St. Croix Economic Development Corporation websitelink

UW-Extension websitelink

UW-Colleges websitelink

UW-System institutions websitelink

West Central Wisconsin Regional Education Consortium websitelink

Western Wisconsin Intergovernmental Coalition

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction websitelink

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical Colleges (WITC) websitelink

Staff Directory

Wes Chapin
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


Pam Bowen
Director of Outreach

Linda Jacobson
Outreach Program Manager

Amber Tubré
Outreach Program Manager

Angela Whitaker
Outreach Program Manager

Deb Wulf
Marketing Manager

Jody Sather
Financial Specialist

Deb Hare
Outreach Program Specialist