Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Political Science (POLS)

POLS 110 Controversies in Politics
POLS 114 American Government and Politics
POLS 200 Political Analysis
POLS 212 The Politics of Equality & Inequality in The United States (d)
POLS 220 Introduction to Public Opinion and Political Behavior
POLS 225 Public Administration
POLS 230 Introduction to Political Philosophy and Ideology
POLS 245 Introduction to Comparative Politics (g)
POLS 253 State & Local Politics
POLS 256 Public Policy Making
POLS 260 Introduction to International Relations (g)
POLS 279 Internship in Political Science I
POLS 289 Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 307 Western Political Thought: Greece to the Middle Ages
POLS 308 Renaissance to Marx
POLS 309 Western Political Thought: Nietzsche to the Present
POLS 310 American Political Thought
POLS 311 American Political Parties & Elections
POLS 314 Women & Politics
POLS 318 Religion and Politics
POLS 319 Media & American Politics
POLS 321 Political Participation
POLS 322 Politics of American Cities
POLS 323 Public Personnel
POLS 324 Managing Public Services
POLS 326 American Presidency
POLS 327 Congressional Politics
POLS 332 Public Finance
POLS 335 Public Regulation of Business
POLS 344 Politics of the Developing World
POLS 346 Politics of Western Europe
POLS 347 Government of the USSR
POLS 348 Politics of East Asia
POLS 349 Middle Eastern History & Politics
POLS 354 Women & the Law
POLS 355 Environmental Law
POLS 359 Criminal Justice Politics and Policy
POLS 360 International Relations Theory
POLS 364 International War and Peace
POLS 365 American Foreign Policy
POLS 367 History of United States Foreign Policy
POLS 369 Politics of the World Economy
POLS 371 German Politics (g)
POLS 372 The Politics Scotland (g)
POLS 377 The United Nations
POLS 378 Semester Abroad Research
POLS 379 Internship in Political Science II
POLS 389 Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 416 Constitutional Law
POLS 428 Political Geography
POLS 480 Seminar: Political Science
POLS 489 Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 490 Readings in Political Science
POLS 499 Independent Study
POLS 508 Western Political Thought: Renaissance to Marx
POLS 509 Western Political Thought: 20th Century
POLS 511 American Political Party
POLS 522 Politics of American Cities
POLS 526 The American President: The Office & Its Powers
POLS 527 Congressional Politics
POLS 565 American Foreign Policy
POLS 567 History of US Foreign Policy
POLS 589 Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 689 Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 710 History of American Political Thought
POLS 712 American Democratic & Two-Party System
POLS 789 Special Topics in Political Science