Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Physical Education (P ED)

P ED 105 Backpacking/Wilderness Awareness
P ED 106 Canoeing
P ED 109 Recreational Climbing
P ED 159 Sports Leadership & Development
P ED 161 Introduction to Health & Human Performance
P ED 166 Football Officiating
P ED 172 Instructional Strategies in Physical Education I
P ED 201 Outdoor Education Concepts & Skills for Summer Activities
P ED 202 Outdoor Education Concepts & Skills for Winter Activities
P ED 213 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
P ED 230 Rhythms and Gymnastics
P ED 243 Motor Learning and Development
P ED 246 Health and Movement Activities for Children
P ED 255 Techniques of Sport Fishing
P ED 265 Physical Activities I
P ED 266 Physical Activities II (Grade 7-12)
P ED 268 Beginning Football
P ED 269 Coaching Baseball/Softball
P ED 270 Athletic Training Practicum
P ED 275 Leadership in School-Based Adventure Education
P ED 289 Special Topics in Physical Education
P ED 300 Adapted Physical Education
P ED 301 Foundations of Outdoor Leadership
P ED 305 Developed & Adapted Physical Education
P ED 326 Techniques for the Physical Education Elementary Teacher
P ED 344 Teaching Adapted Aquatics
P ED 351 Coaching Young Athletes
P ED 354 Biomechanics
P ED 358 Track Coaching
P ED 359 Coaching Volleyball
P ED 363 Psychology of Coaching
P ED 365 Football Coaching
P ED 367 Basketball Coaching
P ED 368 Coaching Ice Hockey
P ED 369 Baseball/Softball Coaching
P ED 370 Adapted Physical Education Practicum
P ED 371 Outdoor Adventure Education Practicum
P ED 372 Instructional Strategies II
P ED 375 Physical Activity Behavior
P ED 378 Semester Abroad Research
P ED 389 Special Topics in Physical Education
P ED 395 Water Safety Instructor Training
P ED 420 Disability and Physical Activity Implications
P ED 421 Teaching Sport to Individuals with Disabilities
P ED 455 Organization and Administration of Physical Education Programs
P ED 472 Coaching Practicum
P ED 490 Readings in Physical Education