Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Journalism (JOUR)

JOUR 101 Introduction to Mass Communication
JOUR 105 Radio Operations and Regulations
JOUR 110 Principles and Ethics of Journalism
JOUR 111 Introduction to Data Journalism
JOUR 201 Information Gathering
JOUR 202 Print News Writing
JOUR 203 Broadcast News Writing
JOUR 204 Public Affairs Reporting
JOUR 207 News Service I
JOUR 221 Introduction to Audio Storytelling
JOUR 222 Introduction to Video Storytelling
JOUR 224 Online Media Production
JOUR 240 Introduction to Visual Communication
JOUR 250 The First Amendment in American Society
JOUR 266 Photojournalism
JOUR 269 Multimedia Storytelling
JOUR 270 Podcasting
JOUR 289 Special Topics in Journalism and Mass Communication
JOUR 302 History of Documentary
JOUR 303 Documentary Production
JOUR 305 News in Popular Culture
JOUR 306 Public Affairs Reporting
JOUR 307 News Service II
JOUR 315 Race, Class & News (d)
JOUR 340 Media Management for News Entrepreneurs
JOUR 345 History of Mass Communication
JOUR 350 Mass Communication in the Global Age (g)
JOUR 360 Opinion Writing
JOUR 378 Semester Abroad Research
JOUR 379 Internship in Journalism and Mass Communication
JOUR 389 Special Topics in Journalism and Mass Communication
JOUR 406 News Service
JOUR 407 News Service III
JOUR 465 Mass Communication Law
JOUR 489 Special Topics in Journalism and Mass Communication
JOUR 490 Readings in Journalism & Mass Communication
JOUR 499 Independent Projects in Journalism & Mass Communication