Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

History (HIST)

HIST 100 Defining Themes in US History
HIST 101 Origins of Civilization
HIST 102 History of the Modern World, 1500-Present
HIST 201 Introduction to Asian Civilization (g)
HIST 202 Introduction to Latin American Civilizations (g)
HIST 203 The Mediterranean: A Survey (g)
HIST 206 Native Americans & the United States (d)
HIST 207 African American History (d)
HIST 208 History of the Mexican American/Chicano
HIST 209 Introduction to African History (g)
HIST 211 History of Japan and Films (g)
HIST 215 United States History to 1865
HIST 216 U.S. History from 1865
HIST 222 Love, Sex, and Marriage in the Pre-Modern World (g)
HIST 292 History of Agriculture: Origins to 1800
HIST 310 History of American Political Thought
HIST 315 The World of Napoleon
HIST 316 The British Empire
HIST 317 Social Movements in Modern Britain: 1870-1936
HIST 318 Twentieth Century Europe
HIST 320 Ancient Rome
HIST 321 Early Middle Ages
HIST 322 The Renaissance
HIST 324 Early Modern Europe
HIST 325 Late Middle Ages
HIST 332 The Islamic Middle East to 1500
HIST 333 Silk, Spices, and Silver: The Making of the Global Exchange System to 1700 (g)
HIST 334 Modern China 1800 to Present (g)
HIST 335 Modern Japan 1600 to Present
HIST 336 Traditional East Asia, Prehistory-1800 (g)
HIST 337 American Military History
HIST 351 History of Colonial America
HIST 353 United States History: 1790-1850
HIST 356 United States Middle Period
HIST 358 United States History 1890-1945
HIST 359 United States History from 1945
HIST 360 The Long Nineteenth Century: Europe 1789-1914
HIST 365 American Environmental History
HIST 367 United States Diplomatic History
HIST 379 Internship in History
HIST 382 Culture and Civilization of Italy: History and Art from Antiquity to Baroque (g)
HIST 389 Special Topics in History
HIST 485 History Seminar
HIST 499 Independent Study