Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Exercise and Sport Science (EXSS)

EXSS 161 Introduction to Health & Human Performance
EXSS 240 Human Physiology
EXSS 266 Aerobic Exercise Leadership
EXSS 267 Principles of Personal Training
EXSS 271 Practicum I
EXSS 366 Exercise Physiology
EXSS 389 Special Topics in Exercise and Sport Science
EXSS 450 Sport, Fitness, and Recreation Management
EXSS 461 Applied Research Methods in Exercise & Sport Science
EXSS 462 Senior Seminar
EXSS 465 Scientific Principles of Strength & Conditioning
EXSS 466 Exercise Testing & Prescription
EXSS 467 Exercise for Special Populations
EXSS 471 Practicum II
EXSS 495 Undergraduate Research in Exercise Science
EXSS 700 Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
EXSS 701 Advanced Physiology of Exercise
EXSS 705 Sports Nutrition
EXSS 710 Statistical Methods in Human Performance
EXSS 711 Medical Pharmacology
EXSS 715 Statistics and Research Methods in Health and Human Performance
EXSS 720 Clinical Patient Behavior Change
EXSS 725 Muscle Physiology
EXSS 730 Techniques of Research in Human Performance
EXSS 735 Sport Movement Analysis
EXSS 740 Advanced Exercise Testing and Prescription
EXSS 743 Functional Anatomy
EXSS 745 Chronic Disease in Health and Human Performance
EXSS 755 Electrocardiography
EXSS 760 Sports Performance Program Design
EXSS 761 Advanced Strength, Speed and Power Design
EXSS 765 Organization and Administration of Strength and Conditioning Programs
EXSS 774 Clinical Internship
EXSS 785 Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation
EXSS 793 Final Research Paper
EXSS 798 Independent Research
EXSS 799 Thesis