Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Counseling (COUN)

COUN 289 Special Topics in Counseling
COUN 310 Counseling Skills for Teachers
COUN 389 Special Topics in Counseling
COUN 407 Perspectives on Aging
COUN 410 Introduction to Counseling
COUN 411 Introduction to Elementary Counseling
COUN 412 Developmental Counseling
COUN 420 Career Counseling
COUN 422 Emotional & Behavioral Problems
COUN 481 Special Topics in Counseling
COUN 489 Special Topics in Counseling
COUN 589 Special Topics in Counseling
COUN 610 Introduction to School Counseling
COUN 612 Human Lifespan and Development
COUN 614 Counseling Practicum
COUN 615 Cultural and Ethical Foundations of Counseling
COUN 620 Career Counseling
COUN 689 Special Topics in Counseling
COUN 700 Introduction to Higher Education Administration
COUN 701 Law, Policy, and Governance in Higher Education
COUN 702 Equity, Inclusion, and Student Success in Higher Education
COUN 717 Introduction to Substance Use Disorder, History and Systems
COUN 718 Substance use disorder, assessment, placement and supportive services in a school setting
COUN 719 Substance use disorder treatment coordination for school counselors
COUN 720 Techniques in Appraisal
COUN 732 Group Counseling
COUN 753 Counseling Theory & Skills
COUN 754 Marriage & Family Counseling
COUN 755 Counseling Children and Adolescents
COUN 770 Comprehensive School Counseling Programming
COUN 771 Internship: Elementary School Counseling
COUN 772 Internship: Middle School Counseling
COUN 773 Internship: High School Counseling
COUN 774 Practicum: Comm Agency
COUN 775 Internship in School Counseling
COUN 776 Supervising Field Work
COUN 781 Seminar: Guidance
COUN 789 Special Topics
COUN 798 Independent Research
COUN 799 Thesis