Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Computer,Info and Data Science (CIDS)

CIDS 105 Microcomputer Applications
CIDS 120 Technology and Cyberspace: Ethics and Issues
CIDS 151 Introduction to Programming
CIDS 161 Programming I
CIDS 162 Programming II
CIDS 215 Information Systems for Business Management
CIDS 225 Web Development I
CIDS 235 Object-Oriented Programming
CIDS 237 Data Structures and Algorithms
CIDS 239 Introduction to Data Science
CIDS 247 Introduction to Computer Networks
CIDS 248 Operating Systems Programming
CIDS 279 Cooperative Education & Internship I
CIDS 289 Current Topics in Computer Systems and Information Systems
CIDS 317 Compilers
CIDS 323 Structured Cobol
CIDS 325 Web Development II
CIDS 328 C++ Programming
CIDS 333 Database Management Systems
CIDS 334 Data Visualization
CIDS 337 Computer Graphics
CIDS 339 Advanced Topics in Data Science
CIDS 343 Software Engineering
CIDS 346 Numerical Analysis I
CIDS 355 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CIDS 373 Introduction to Bioinformatics
CIDS 378 Semester Abroad Research
CIDS 379 Internship in Computer Science and Information Systems
CIDS 389 Special Topics in Computer Science
CIDS 402 Algorithms
CIDS 416 Structure of Programming Language
CIDS 423 Introduction to Systems Analysis
CIDS 425 Multi-Tier Web-Enabled Software Systems
CIDS 429 Operating Systems
CIDS 433 Design Analysis MIS
CIDS 435 Computer and Information Security
CIDS 440 Information Systems Project Management
CIDS 441 Advanced Computer Networks
CIDS 451 Artificial Intelligence
CIDS 452 Applied Machine Learning
CIDS 484 Senior Capstone Seminar
CIDS 488 Capstone Data Science Practicum
CIDS 489 Special Topics in Computer Science
CIDS 490 Readings in Computer Science
CIDS 499 Independent Study
CIDS 630 Enterprise and Cloud Computing
CIDS 631 Distributed and Mobile Computing
CIDS 634 Software Engineering and Design Patterns
CIDS 732 Information Security
CIDS 733 Computing for Data Science and Big Data Analysis
CIDS 735 Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery
CIDS 736 Technology Innovation, New Product Development and Sustainability
CIDS 738 Practicum
CIDS 789 Special Topics in Computer Science