Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Animal Science (ANSC)

ANSC 100 Introduction to Animal Industries and its Consumers
ANSC 111 Introduction to Animal Science
ANSC 115 Animal Welfare
ANSC 121 Companion Animals
ANSC 150 Introduction to Beef Cattle, Sheep, and Meat Goat Production
ANSC 151 Introduction to Swine and Poultry Production
ANSC 167 Introduction to Equine Management
ANSC 168 Introduction to Equine Equitation
ANSC 169 Therapeutic Horsemanship
ANSC 200 Introduction to Animal Science Careers
ANSC 211 Livestock and Carcass Evaluation
ANSC 213 Equine Evaluation
ANSC 221 Pets in Society
ANSC 231 Domestic Animal Nutrition
ANSC 232 Applied Feeds and Feeding
ANSC 238 Meat and Meat Products
ANSC 240 Meat Product Processing
ANSC 250 Animal Care and Use: A Global Perspective
ANSC 257 Genetics
ANSC 260 Animal Physiology
ANSC 261 Advanced Horsemanship
ANSC 266 Farrier Training
ANSC 268 Balanced Seat Applications
ANSC 270 Internship I
ANSC 271 International Internship
ANSC 289 Special Topics in Animal Science
ANSC 311 Advanced Livestock and Carcass Evaluation
ANSC 313 Advanced Equine Evaluation
ANSC 317 Companion Animal Behavior and Training
ANSC 321 Companion Animal Care and Management
ANSC 331 Applied Animal Nutrition
ANSC 341 Biometrics
ANSC 345 Animal Health
ANSC 346 Principles of Animal Breeding
ANSC 350 Principles of Training Horses
ANSC 351 Principles of Training Horses ll
ANSC 357 Applied Livestock Breeding and Genetics
ANSC 360 Animal Anatomy and Physiology
ANSC 364 Sustainable Animal Production
ANSC 365 Poultry Production
ANSC 366 Swine Production
ANSC 367 Beef Production
ANSC 368 Sheep and Goat Production
ANSC 369 Equine Production
ANSC 370 Internship II
ANSC 378 Semester Abroad
ANSC 379 Semester Abroad
ANSC 389 Special Topics in Animal Science
ANSC 415 Quantitative Animal Welfare Assessment
ANSC 421 Advanced Canine and Feline Care and Management
ANSC 433 Advanced Nutrition
ANSC 447 Endocrinology
ANSC 448 Physiology of Reproduction
ANSC 449 Artificial Insemination
ANSC 455 Equine Reproductive Techniques
ANSC 456 Bovine Reproductive Management Techniques
ANSC 467 Feedlot Management
ANSC 485 Seminar: Animal Science
ANSC 490 Independent Study: Animal Science
ANSC 566 Swine Production
ANSC 567 Beef Production
ANSC 568 Sheep Production
ANSC 579 Semester Abroad
ANSC 589 Special Topics in Animal Science Graduate I
ANSC 615 Quantitative Animal Welfare Assessment
ANSC 633 Advanced Nutrition
ANSC 647 Endocrinology
ANSC 648 Physiology of Reproduction
ANSC 649 Artificial Insemination of Farm Animals
ANSC 689 Special Topics in Animal Science Graduate II
ANSC 789 Special Topics in Animal Science