Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Agricultural Economics (AGEC)

AGEC 101 Economics and Management in Agriculture
AGEC 102 Economics and Management in Agriculture Seminar
AGEC 155 Introduction to International Food Operations Management
AGEC 205 Agricultural Business Accounting
AGEC 220 Agribusiness Computations
AGEC 230 Agricultural Economics I
AGEC 240 Cooperatives
AGEC 250 World Food & Populations (g)
AGEC 255 Agri-Food Logistics and Supply Chains
AGEC 270 Internship I
AGEC 271 International Internship
AGEC 289 Special Topics in Agricultural Economics
AGEC 320 Statistical Methods
AGEC 330 Agricultural Production and Optimization
AGEC 340 Agricultural Trade and Logistics
AGEC 345 Agricultural Law
AGEC 350 Agricultural Product Marketing
AGEC 355 Agricultural Markets and Prices
AGEC 360 Farm Management
AGEC 361 Small Agribusiness Management
AGEC 365 Agricultural Financial Management
AGEC 368 Professional Selling
AGEC 370 Internship II
AGEC 378 Semester Abroad
AGEC 379 Semester Abroad
AGEC 389 Special Topics in Agricultural Economics
AGEC 405 Farm Tax Management
AGEC 430 Entrepreneurial and Small Business Management in Agriculture
AGEC 440 Agricultural Policy
AGEC 445 Land Use and Sustainable Agriculture Law
AGEC 450 Introduction to Natural Resource Economics
AGEC 455 Commodity Marketing
AGEC 460 Agribusiness Firm and Strategic Management
AGEC 470 Agribusiness International Study
AGEC 489 Special Topics in Agricultural Economics
AGEC 490 Independent Study
AGEC 495 Special Problems in Agricultural Economics
AGEC 520 Statistical Methods
AGEC 589 Special Topics in Agricultural Economics
AGEC 640 Agricultural Policy I
AGEC 641 Agricultural Policy II
AGEC 650 Introduction to Natural Resources Economics
AGEC 655 Commodity Marketing
AGEC 660 Agri-Business Firm Management
AGEC 720 Enterprise Risk Management in Agriculture
AGEC 730 Advanced Agricultural Sales
AGEC 798 Independent Research