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Executive Order #54, Effective December 19, 2011, requires all University of Wisconsin System Employees to report child abuse and neglect.  Cover Memodocument - EO #54document - FAQsdocument

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My UW Systemlink Earning statements are now located in the "My UW System" portal and are available for review at least three days prior to your pay date.

Insurance Coverage for Adult Children up to Age 26

Online employee time and absence reporting is here!  Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) is now in use for all LTE staff and student employees. The transition for classified permanent staff is scheduled to begin in March. It will be approached in three waves with the last group going live on April 8. Those scheduled to move to online time and absence reporting will be contacted by the HRS team at least two weeks in advance of their move. The final phase of the ESS roll-out will result in unclassified faculty and staff reporting their absences online (roll-out schedule under discussion). Online time entry and approval resources can be found at Online Time and Absence Reporting

Online employee time and absence reporting is coming to UWRF. Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) will be rolled out to all employees, using the same basic functionality to enter and approve time that is already in use for student employees.  Additional absence management functionality will be used for those employees who report paid time off.  The roll-out will be separated into three phases: LTE, Classified Permanent and Unclassified.  Within each phase there will be multiple waves.  Roll-out will begin in January with anticipated completion by June.   Those who will be moving to online reporting will be contacted by the HRS team at least 2 weeks in advance of their move.

University Personnel System DRAFT Recommendations:  Two one-hour listening sessions will be held at the University Center’s Kinnickinnic Theatre on Thursday, May 3, at 10:00 and at 2:00 and campus stakeholders are invited to attend.  The proposed UW University Personnel System (UPS) Development DRAFT Recommendations will be presented then.

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