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Exiting Employees

As you leave UW River Falls to start a new chapter in your life, there are responsibilities that you have to ensure a successful employment separation process. This guide and the exit checklist are to provide you with the tools to help manage your exit from UW River Falls. Employees leaving UW River Falls for any of the following reasons should follow the exit guidelines:

  • Retirement
  • Resignation
  • Non-renewal of contract
  • Obtained employment with another UW campus/Wisconsin agency

Exiting employees

Prior to your last day 

Print out the exit checklist.

  • Complete the tasks listed in the various sections of the exit checklist, your supervisor will work with you to ensure that all applicable tasks listed are completed. (Not all items on the exit checklist will apply to every employee.)
  • Once the checklist has been completed in its entirety, including signatures, it is your supervisor's responsibility to submit it to the Human Resources office. 

Set up an appointment with the Human Resources' Benefits Specialist to:

  • Assist you in completing required paperwork, reviewing your benefits, and answering benefit related questions. To schedule an appointment please contact Human Resources: 715-425-3109.
  • Assist you with your final leave amounts and setting your last day if you plan to use leave time during your final weeks (if applicable). Final time reports or leave reports should be prepared and submitted to your supervisor prior to your last day on campus. 

Submit a written resignation/retirement notice (except if you have received a notice of non-renewal):

  • Provide your supervisor with a letter of resignation/retirement a minimum of two weeks prior to your last day on campus. At the same time, a copy of this letter should be sent to Human Resources, 216 North Hall.  Your resignation/retirement notice letter should include your date of resignation/retirement and your last day on campus.
  • Discuss with your supervisor about using your remaining leave time (if applicable) and scheduling your last day on campus. 
  • If you are unsure of how to write a resignation/retirement letter, we have developed a template (link below) for your use.
  • Note: If you have accepted employment with another UW campus/Wisconsin state agency, please be sure to indicate this information in your letter in order to make your transition to the new agency as smooth as possible.

During your final days on campus


Guide for supervisors of exiting employees

As your employee leaves UW River Falls to move on to a new chapter in his/her life, there are responsibilities that you have, as a supervisor, to ensure a positive exiting experience, as well as a seamless transition. This guide and the exit checklist are to provide you with tools to help manage the employment separation process. 

Prior to employee's last day 

First and foremost, you will need to ensure your exiting employee provides you with a written resignation notice, the original of which needs to be forwarded to HR (for faculty/academic employees, forward to your Dean/Director first for acknowledgement).

It is imperative that you obtain from the employee a list of any programs, website and/or software for which they have access using a login other than the UWRF W number. You will need to determine whether or not access needs to be disabled or transferred to another person within your department/unit.

Communicating with the employee to obtain details and progress on projects and job responsibilities will help ensure a smooth transition of those duties to others in the department. 

Supervisors are ultimately responsible for collection of UW River Falls property, including but not limited to hardware (i.e. cell phone, laptop, iPad, flash drives, etc.), keys and other miscellaneous equipment and supplies. 

Ensure the exit checklist has been completed and turned into Human Resources.

  • Specific items as listed on the exit checklist must be completed when an employee separates employment by resignation, involuntary separation, retirement, death, or non-renewal of appointment. All items may not apply to a given individual. 
  • The checklist is divided into sections indicating items for which the supervisor, in collaboration with the employee, are responsible for completing. Once the checklist has been completed in its entirety, including signatures, it is the supervisor's responsibility to submit it to the Human Resources office.

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