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Additional retirement savings opportunities

The university offers additional retirement savings through the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (457) and Tax Sheltered Annuity (403b) Plans.  Learn more about the additional retirement savings plans offered by the university by attending an individual counseling session.  Click here for a schedule of upcoming on-campus counseling sessions offered by Fidelity, TIAA-CREF and the WDC.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Mutual of Omaha is now offering a new long term care insurance (LTCi) plan, called MutualCare Custom Solution. This is a voluntary, employee-pay-all plan. It is the only LTCi plan currently available for enrollment. Employees and annuitants who previously purchased a United of Omaha (through HealthChoice) or John Hancock (through Senior Care) long term care insurance plan are unaffected and may keep their LTCi coverage. Select HEREdocument for more information. 

University Personnel System

On April 23, 2014 University of Wisconsin System received approval to begin implementation of new personnel systems for UW System (University Personnel System - UPS) and UW-Madison.  These systems are required by legislation, implementation was originally scheduled for 2013, but later delayed until July 1, 2015. Read the full release herelink.   

History: Two personnel systems were mandated in the 2011-13 biennial budget; one system for UW-Madison and one for the balance of the UW System.  Both systems address staffing, compensation, training, performance management, diversity and legal compliance.  Click to read the UPS Project Team recommendations

The UPS Task Force has provided information regarding development by UWSA of a website intended to provide regular updates on development, a list of frequently asked questions, and UPS committee notes and membership and feedback is now available.  This website is at The link to the UPS website will also be listed at the My UW System portallink for employee access.

Tax-Sheltered Annuity 403blink

The UW Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA) 403b plan has announced that there will be no administrative fee to participate in the TSA plan for 2014. The UW TSA 403(b) Plan provides a low-cost way to save for retirement. All funds are no-load: there are no sales commissions or broker fees. There is no University fee. The UW TSA companies have no annual fees. Participants have access to funds with special low-cost share classes like Fidelity K Shares and TIAA-CREF Institutional share classes. For more information regarding the TSA plan visit the UWSA TSA websitelink.


Current Year

DMC/DERA Information (2013)document

SECC 2014 Informationdocument

Previous Years

NIAS Equity Adjustment FY 14document

Limited Apointee Equity Adjustment FY 14document

Executive Order #54, Effective December 19, 2011, requires all University of Wisconsin System Employees to report child abuse and neglect.  Cover Memodocument - EO #54document - FAQsdocument

Information Regarding New University Personnel Structuredocument

Act 10 Unclassified Employee Deduction Informationdocument

Prohibition of Union Dues Deductiondocument

Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) Repair Bill FAQlink

Budget Repair Bill FAQdocumentlink

Health Insurance Premium Comparisondocumentlink

Employee Benefits Summary of the Impact of the Recent Legislationdocumentlink

My UW Systemlink Earning statements are now located in the "My UW System" portal and are available for review at least three days prior to your pay date.

Insurance Coverage for Adult Children up to Age 26

Online employee time and absence reporting is here!  Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) is now in use for all LTE staff and student employees. The transition for classified permanent staff is scheduled to begin in March. It will be approached in three waves with the last group going live on April 8. Those scheduled to move to online time and absence reporting will be contacted by the HRS team at least two weeks in advance of their move. The final phase of the ESS roll-out will result in unclassified faculty and staff reporting their absences online (roll-out schedule under discussion). Online time entry and approval resources can be found at Online Time and Absence Reporting

Online employee time and absence reporting is coming to UWRF. Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) will be rolled out to all employees, using the same basic functionality to enter and approve time that is already in use for student employees.  Additional absence management functionality will be used for those employees who report paid time off.  The roll-out will be separated into three phases: LTE, Classified Permanent and Unclassified.  Within each phase there will be multiple waves.  Roll-out will begin in January with anticipated completion by June.   Those who will be moving to online reporting will be contacted by the HRS team at least 2 weeks in advance of their move.

University Personnel System DRAFT Recommendations:  Two one-hour listening sessions will be held at the University Center’s Kinnickinnic Theatre on Thursday, May 3, at 10:00 and at 2:00 and campus stakeholders are invited to attend.  The proposed UW University Personnel System (UPS) Development DRAFT Recommendations will be presented then.

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