Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter IX: Services and General Information

9.12 Information Related to Students

9.12.1 Student Affairs Website

The Student Affairs website provides a wealth of information for incoming and continuing students.

9.12.2 Student Academic Information

Official student records information is available to students through our student information system (currently eSIS) or through the Registrar’s Office website, above. Degree Audit Report (DAR)

A Degree Audit Report (DAR) is an advising tool that provides an itemized record for tracking academic progress toward a specific undergraduate degree. A DAR includes completed and in-progress UWRF course work and accepted transfer course work. DARs can be printed based on a student’s current degree program, or based on program changes that a student is considering.

Students can view their DAR through their Student Center in eSIS. Advisers can also view their advisee’s DAR through their faculty center in eSIS. Transcripts/Records

An official transcript of a student's academic record is maintained by the Registrar's Office. The permanent record is considered confidential between the student and the University. No transcripts are released, except to authorized representatives within the University, without the written permission of the student. Requesting Transcripts Official Transcript

A UWRF official transcript is a complete academic record of a student's academic enrollment at UWRF maintained by the Registrar’s Office. An official transcript includes all undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses. Partial transcripts are not available.

An official transcript will not be issued unless all obligations to the University have been satisfied. Official transcripts will not be faxed. They can only be picked up or mailed.

To order your official transcript, follow the directions on the link below:

For your security, no requests can be taken over the phone or e-mail. Transcripts will not be faxed. Transcripts cannot be released until all financial obligations to the University have been met and all financial holds have been removed. Unofficial Transcript

Unofficial transcripts are only available on eSIS for currently enrolled students, and students who have activated their eSIS account (and have no outstanding financial obligations over the amount of $25.00).

If you were a student before Fall 2003, you cannot obtain an unofficial transcript. You will need to order an official transcript as directed above and photocopy to make unofficial transcripts when needed.

9.12.3 Student Employment

In accordance with the University of Wisconsin System General Administrative Policy Papers #18 and #31 (Student Hourly Help and Payment for Service), the following policies exist on this campus:

  1. Determination of student eligibility for federal work study funds will be made by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Budget allocations for federal work study and student assistance will be made by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and division heads, with information on federal work study funding supplied by the Office of Financial Aid.
  2. Two types of student employment will be administered contingent upon available funding:
    1. Federal Work Study Program – funded with Federal share (80%) and State share (20%). The student must complete appropriate financial aid application materials, and participation is contingent upon the student's Financial Need/Financial Aid Award. The period of employment is determined by the Office of Financial Aid through individual student financial aid awards.
    2. Student Assistant Program - State (100%) funded. Student participation is not contingent on the amount of financial aid awarded. The period of employment is determined by individual departmental (employer) student assistant funding and needs.
  3. Departments that have received Federal Work Study and/or Student Assistant budgets may independently select student help. Departments can fill vacancies through multiple methods, but the preferred option is to submit position announcements to UWRF’s searchable website, Hire a Falcon. This website is updated daily. Departments may also offer employment opportunities through classroom announcement, posting position openings through each College or department, or holding group interest meetings (particularly for large-scale employers).
  4. Students who work on campus are required to verify their citizenship status and employment eligibility. Students selected by departments MUST have citizenship and identity documents reviewed by the hiring office prior to being placed on the payroll. The hiring office must complete the I-9 for each student employee, and forward the form to Human Resources.
  5. Generally, students must establish work eligibility for two distinct award periods:
    a. The academic year (or portion thereof)
    b. The summer session. Each award period requires a separate application process.
  6. Departments are responsible for monitoring the expenditures of Federal Work Study and Student Assistance funds. In the event that a department exceeds the budgeted amount, the money will need to be made up from another area of the departmental budget.
  7. The Director of Financial Aid and the Director of Human Resources shall revise, interpret, and enforce student employment policies and procedures. Questions about student employment programs should be referred to the Office of Financial Aid and payroll questions to the Human Resources Office.

9.12.4 Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center provides an array of academic support services for students, including tutoring, services for disabled students, academic advising for students who have not declared a major, outreach advising, and multicultural services.

The Academic Success Center houses the University's TRIO program, a three-part federally-funded program:

· SSS : a support program to assist students that qualify under federal guidelines to make the transition to college and to graduate in a timely fashion.
· McNair Scholars Program: a program designed to assist first generation, low income, or groups under-represented in doctoral studies to pursue a doctoral degree.
· Upward Bound Program: a federally-funded college preparatory program that generates in its participants the skills and motivations necessary to complete a program of secondary education and to succeed in a program of post-secondary education.

Further information about Academic Success Center programs is located at the above website.

9.12.5 Career Services

The Career Services office offers individual career counseling and career assessments and assists with career decision making, occupational exploration, job search strategies, interviewing preparation, guidance with graduate or professional school selection and application, and opportunities to connect with employers on campus. Professional counselors and Career Peer Advisors are available to help with resumé, cover letter and portfolio reviews, researching careers, and assistance with other career-related questions.

The Career Services office conducts numerous programs and hosts on-campus interviews each semester. In addition to an array of career-related workshops and programs, there is an annual campus-wide Career Fair held in October and two Etiquette Dinners offered each semester, as well as Networking Socials. Students can also register for "Hire-a- Falcon," a web-based job posting and referral system that helps them locate job opportunities and internships. The "Hire-a-Falcon" system includes The Mentor Network, which is comprised of alumni who have offered to be resources for students who are interested in conducting informational interviews and networking. Career Services' website has a listing of events, programs, handouts, and numerous career-related links.

9.12.6 Counseling Services

Counseling Services are available to currently enrolled UWRF students. Services are confidential, free, and provided by professional staff. Individual counseling is provided by on-campus counselors located in Career, Counseling and Student Health Services at 211 Hagestad Hall (425-3884). Students may call or stop in to schedule an appointment.

Alcohol and other drug assessments are available (a fee is charged for court-ordered assessments) for currently enrolled UWRF students through UWRF Counseling Services. Limited short-term psychiatric services are also available for currently enrolled UWRF students.

The University is a unique community whose members, especially students, have both common and diverse characteristics and needs. The Counseling Services staff embraces all differences within our campus community. We strive to serve and be an ally to our students, faculty and staff, by promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment. Counseling staff understand the issues associated with learning, personal growth, and life span development.

Counseling assists individuals in overcoming obstacles that may otherwise prevent them from attaining academic, personal, and professional goals. Counselors utilize developmental, preventative, and consultative methods to work with students, faculty, and staff in order to foster health and success.

9.12.7 Student Health Services

What Student Health Services does:

· Provides access to clinical health services for students · Monitors the health and mental health status of students, the campus, and the community · Identifies pertinent health concerns and issues · Provides collaborative health programming, services, and policies to help address these issues · Serves as a consultant and resource for health information and services

Clinical services through Student Health Services are provided for registered full-time and part-time UWRF students through contractual agreements with the River Falls Medical Clinic and Pierce County Reproductive Health Services. A portion of the segregated fees paid by students supports these services. Students are eligible during the academic, January, and summer terms as long as they are registered for the current term and have paid fees as required. Students are eligible between consecutive terms as long as they are registered for the next term and have paid fees as required.

9.12.8 Student Clubs and Organizations

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls typically has between 125-140 active student organizations at any given time. These organizations cover a range of interests and disciplines and serve a myriad of purposes from providing academic support to offering competitive sports opportunities to just hanging out with friends and having fun.

9.12.9 Athletic Program

Athletic Program:

  1. The intercollegiate athletic program has the overall purpose of providing a varied program of competitive sports on an inter-school basis for the benefit of the students of the University. These benefits are two-fold: those derived by participants as a result of participation and those accrued by the student body, faculty and staff, and University as a result of supporting intercollegiate teams. Realizing the intercollegiate athletic program is essential to and an integral part of the educational program of the University, the following policies govern participation:
    1. No student shall be eligible to participate in any branch of the athletic program unless the student has fulfilled the requirements of the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. (Copies available in the Athletics Office.)
    2. The athlete who participates in the intercollegiate program of the University is placed on equal status with all other students regarding admission, scholarships, and recruitment.
    3. The financial control of athletic funds is similar to the control of all other funds of the University.
  2. The University of Wisconsin-River Falls supports 18 intercollegiate sports, 7 men’s and 11 women’s activities as members of NCAA Division III and the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC). The NCAA Division III and the WIAC do not offer athletically related financial aid. The UW-River Falls sport module consists of the following sports:
    1. Football
    2. Women’s Soccer
    3. Men’s Cross-Country
    4. Women’s Cross-Country
    5. Women’s Volleyball
    6. Women’s Tennis
    7. Men’s Basketball
    8. Women’s Basketball
    9. Men’s Hockey
    10. Women’s Hockey
    11. Men’s Indoor Track and Field
    12. Women’s Indoor Track and Field
    13. Women’s Outdoor Track and Field
    14. Men’s Outdoor Track and Field
    15. Women’s Swimming
    16. Men’s Swimming
    17. Softball
    18. Women’s Golf
  3. UW-River Falls subscribes to the purposes, principles and fundamental policy of the NCAA and the WIAC.