Ad Hoc Committees

Current ad hoc Committees

Chancellor's Task Force on Campus Tobacco Policy (FS Motion 12/13-30document)

"The Year of..." Implementation Committee (FS Motion 12/13-93document]


Past ad hoc Committees

ad hoc New Faculty Orientation to Shared Governance Sunset December 1, 2011 (FS Motion 14, 2011-2012)document

ad hoc Veterans Recognition Sunset November 1, 2011 (FS Motion 13, 2011-2012)document

Strategic Planning  Sunset May 28, 2012 (FS Motions 10/11-53document; 11/12-7document; 11/12-8document; 11/12-27document)

ad hoc Committee on Graduate Studies   Sunset April 9, 2012 (FS Motion 11/12-79document)

ad hoc PP-PAR Program Prioritization and Program Audit Review (FS Motion 2011-12 - 121)document

Sunset of February 15, 2013

ad hoc International Laboratory Working Group Sunset March 29, 2013 (FS Motion 2011-12/31document)