Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter VII: UWS and UWRF Policies

7.17 Fleet Vehicle Use

Employees should follow this procedure when using fleet vehicles:

  • Authorization forms to drive State vehicles can be obtained at the Office of Risk Management. These forms should be completed well in advance to allow time for the employee's license to be checked through DOT.
  • Fleet vehicles are reserved through the Fleet Office at Facilities Management.
  • Employees are to schedule fleet vehicles well in advance of the anticipated departure.
  • Vehicle malfunction is to be reported immediately upon return to the Fleet Office; alternatively, the problem can be indicated on the vehicle request form when it is returned with the vehicle.
  • Accidents are to be reported to the local law enforcement agency, to the Risk Management Office, and to the Fleet Office. The accident report kit is in the vehicle glove compartment.
  • Obey all traffic laws.
  • Drive safely and use the seat belt.
  • Check ahead for weather and road conditions.
  • Smoking is prohibited in State vehicles.

7.17.1 Policies

Spouses, children, friends, students, and other individuals may not ride in or drive a state vehicle unless:

  • Drivers have been authorized by the Office of Risk Management, and
  • Passengers are on State business.

Pets are not to be taken in State vehicles. Seeing eye dogs would be allowed.

The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance may make exceptions to the above items.

Hitchhikers are not permitted to be picked up in State vehicles.

State vehicles are permitted to render emergency assistance to other vehicles and their driver and passengers by transporting said person(s) to the nearest service station or law enforcement agency. Jump starting, towing and pushing with State vehicles is prohibited. The UWRF Fleet website provides most of the information needed. The State of Wisconsin Fleet Policies & Procedures gives details of relevant policies including permitted and prohibited use of State vehicles, liability protection limitations, and accident reporting procedures. Also see