Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter VI:  Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

6.2 Committee Structure of the Academic Staff: UWRF 2

6.2.1 Academic Staff Council Responsibilities
UWS 9.02

  1. to advise the UWRF Administration on policies and procedures for academic staff for
    approval by the institution
  2. to serve in those capacities as designated in these UWRF Personnel Policies and
  3. to advise the Faculty Senate on academic governance issues that affect the academic staff
  4. to conduct an annual meeting of all academic staff
  5. to conduct at least one monthly meeting of the Academic Staff Council Membership

  1. Nine academic staff members elected through an at-large spring election
  2. One ranked faculty member appointed by the Chancellor upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate

Each of the ten Council members shall have voting rights, with the exception of the Chair, who shall vote only in the case of a tie. Eligibility

To be eligible for election to the Academic Staff Council, individuals must be academic staff who hold at least a half-time appointment and have a contract for the next academic year. Terms of Office

  1. Terms for Academic Staff Council members shall be staggered so that a minimum of three members shall be elected each year to serve a three-year term.
  2. The ranked faculty member shall serve a two-year term.
  3. Terms shall begin in the summer term and end in the spring term. General Elections

  1. Only academic staff members are eligible to nominate and vote in these elections.
  2. The Vice Chair of the Council shall oversee elections, unless he or she has less than one year remaining on his or her term If the Vice Chair is unable to conduct elections, another eligible Council member shall be appointed.
  3. Elections shall take place by May 1 of each academic year.
  4. The member in charge shall send a nomination ballot and a listing of all persons eligible to serve on the Council to all academic staff members. Instructional academic staff members who are eligible for election shall be listed by department in a column separate from the departmental listings of non-instructional academic staff.
  5. Upon their consent, those persons receiving the most nominations shall have their names placed on an election ballot The number of names placed on the election ballot shall not be less than twice the number of the vacancies.
  6. Election ballots, with space provided for write-in candidates, shall be sent to all academic staff eligible for election.
  7. Upon their consent, those persons receiving the most votes shall fill all available vacancies.
  8. In case of a tie, a run-off election shall be held by May 15 under the procedures outlined above. Vacancies

  1. Should a vacancy occur it must be acted on within one month of notification.
  2. During the first two years of an elected term, a general election shall be held to elect a
    replacement to complete the term under the rules of UWRF
  3. Should a vacancy occur during the final (third) year of an elected term, the Academic Staff Council has the following options:

1. Conduct a general election
2. Make an appointment to the position
3. Leave the position open

Each option will be for the vacated position's balance of term. Officers

  1. The Academic Staff Council shall elect its own officers by June 1.
  2. Each officer shall serve a one-year term, but is eligible for re-election.
  3. Duties of the Academic Staff Council officers:

1. Chair of the Academic Staff Council:

  1. to preside over all meetings of the Council
  2. to nominate appointees for ratification to all ad hoc committees that are
    authorized by the Academic Staff Council
  3. to nominate appointees to campus and System committees, as requested, pursuant to Academic Staff Council ratification
  4. to serve as the liaison between the Council and the University's administration
  5. to attend, or to send a designee, to System academic staff representatives meetings
  6. to appoint, if desired, a parliamentarian whose duties shall be to interpret parliamentary procedure at meetings
  7. to serve on the Academic Staff Promotions Committee
  8. to serve on the Re-classification Committee

2. Vice Chair of the Academic Staff Council:

  1. to preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair
  2. to conduct general elections
  3. to compile and submit appropriate materials to support the UWRF nomination for the Academic Staff Regents Award for Excellence
  4. to assist the Chair in all appropriate matters

3. Secretary of the Academic Staff Council:

  1. to preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair and the Vice Chair
  2. to keep minutes of the Council meetings and to distribute these minutes
  3. to issue all formal correspondence from the Council

6.2.2 Standing Committees

A. Academic Staff Promotions Committee

1. Responsibilities:

  1. to review all appropriate data submitted for promotion within the framework of the UW System Unclassified Title Structure and subsequent System titling rules, as well as policies established by this Council and approved by the Chancellor
  2. to establish its own rules of procedure for the conduct of its promotion

2. Membership:

The membership shall be comprised of the Chancellor, the Provost and Vice
Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, and the Chair of the Academic Staff Council or his or her designee.

3. Procedures:

Procedures: Procedures for promotion within the UW System Unclassified Title Structure and University policies are in 6.15 of this chapter. The title structures are found in the UW System Unclassified Personnel Guidelines (UPGs).

6.2.3 Other Committees

The Academic Staff Council, with the concurrence of the Chancellor, may establish additional
committees if it determines it to be necessary.