Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

21st Edition, 2011 Version

Chapter V: Compensation Procedures and Issues

5.7 Vacation For Annual Appointees - Procedures

Faculty and academic staff members who hold annual appointments and qualify for participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System will earn 22 vacation days per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). For less than full-time appointments, vacation earnings will be prorated. A full month's credit is allowed for beginning on or before the 15th day of a month; no credit is allowed for beginning on the 16th of a month or later. Vacation may be anticipated for the fiscal year. Any termination will require an adjustment in the final salary check if vacation taken exceeds the vacation earned.

Staff are encouraged to use vacation leave in the year it accrues. Where circumstances validate the need, twenty-two days (pro-rated for part-time employees) may be carried over into the next fiscal year. Any carryover must be used by the end of that fiscal year. Any carryover not used within the time limit will be forfeited. Beginning with the fiscal year starting July 1, 1993, staff who have completed ten or more years of State of Wisconsin service in appointments earning vacation or as unclassified University participants in the Wisconsin Retirement System, may, at their option, reserve up to 5 days of vacation each fiscal year (or a prorated number of days for staff employed less than full-time) in an Annual Leave Reserve Account.

The total number of days accumulated in an Annual Leave Reserve Account may be used at any time but is subject to work load demand of the employing department. Annual pay basis staff terminating their employment with a UW System institution shall receive a lump sum payment for vacation credits accrued or accumulated in an Annual Leave Reserve Account which remain unused at the date of termination.