Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

21st Edition, 2011 Version

Chapter V: Compensation Procedures and Issues

5.12 Travel Guidelines

Any travel expense incurred by a faculty member while on official University business is subject to the travel regulations as currently implemented by the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. A detailed copy of the University System Travel Regulations is available at

This web site contains the most recent revisions of the System Travel Regulations. Travel expense forms may be obtained from the University Accounting Office. Travel expense reports are also available on line at

5.12.1 Meals

Departure and arrival times must be stated on the travel expense report. Local policy would suggest in-state claims for meal reimbursement would not reach the maximum amount in all cases. Meal allowance maximums can be found in the Travel Regulations and do include tax and tip.

5.12.2 Lodging

Original machine-printed itemized lodging receipts must accompany all travel report submissions. The maximum allowance for lodging is listed in the UW System Travel Regulations, with exceptions noted for higher cost cities as listed on the web site. New information will be issued as the revisions are received from System Administration. Maximums should not be exceeded except under most unusual or unavoidable circumstances fully justified in writing and approved by the Chancellor or his or her designee. Maximums do not include state and local taxes.

5.12.3 Miscellaneous

  1. Mode of travel must be indicated on the travel expense report and passengers listed, if applicable. Air fare coupons must be attached even if the fare has been pre-paid by the University.
  2. The mileage reimbursement rate for use of a personal vehicle will be at the higher rate listed in the Travel Regulations if the trip is less than 100 miles round trip or if a University car is not available. The mileage reimbursement rate for use of a personal vehicle will be at the lower rate if the trip is more than 100 miles and a University car was available but not used. The employee must present the non-availability slip with the reimbursement claim in order to receive the higher rate.

5.12.4 International Travel

Faculty members who are traveling abroad on official business or who are arranging group travel overseas must make arrangements with the Accounting Office well in advance of the trip.