Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter IV: Faculty Personnel Rules and Procedures of UW-River Falls

4.10 Procedure For Handling Grievances - Faculty Personnel Rules (UWS 6.02)

4.10.1 Other Grievances

This procedure is set up to deal with faculty grievances not specifically provided for in UWS 3, 4, 5, and 6.01.

4.10.2 Committee Defined

In the following, the term "Committee" refers to the Faculty Hearing, Grievance, and Appeals Committee; see Chapter III (3.3, Section L) of this document.

4.10.3 Procedure Notification of the Committee Chair by Faculty Member

A faculty member who feels that he or she has a just cause for a professional grievance shall notify the chair of the Committee in writing, stating the nature of the grievance. A grievance may be withdrawn at any time upon the written request of the faculty member and no report will be made. Initial Hearing

Within 20 days after receiving notice of the grievance, the Committee shall meet for the purpose of hearing the faculty member. The faculty member shall be given written notice of this meeting at least three days in advance. The purpose of the hearing shall be to consider whether the grievance should be dismissed or investigated further. The decision shall be communicated to the faculty member concerned. Decision to Dismiss Grievance

If the Committee decides to dismiss the grievance, the faculty member concerned shall be so informed and no other report will be made. Decision to Investigate Grievance

If the Committee decides to investigate the grievance, it shall proceed with reasonable speed. In the investigation, the Committee shall have the right to obtain information relevant to the grievance from University personnel. Preparation and Submission of Written Report By Committee

The Committee shall prepare a written report of its conclusions and recommendations which shall be submitted to the faculty member and the Chancellor. The report shall contain recommendations for either: (a) dismissal of the grievance, or (b) proposed solutions to the grievance.

4.10.4 The Chancellor's Responsibility

Within 30 days of having received the Committee's recommendation, the Chancellor shall report his or her response and intended action to the Committee.

4.10.5 Access to the Board of Regents

The Regents have the option to consider a faculty grievance on the record upon petition of a faculty grievant as well as upon the receipt of recommendations from the Faculty Hearing, Grievance and Appeals Committee which has already considered the matter at the institutional level.