Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter III: Organization of the Faculty and Academic Staff

3.1 Introduction

  • 3.1.1 Faculty Governance
  • 3.1.2 Definitions
  • 3.1.3 Faculty Senate
  • 3.1.4 University Faculty
  • 3.1.5 Faculty standing Committees
  • 3.1.6 Student Representative in Faculty Governance

3.2 Constitution of the UW-RF Faculty

3.3 Faculty By-laws

3.4 Policies, Procedures, Processes, and Guidelines

  • Article I Purpose
    • Section 1.1: General Committee Responsibilities
    • Section 1.2: ad hoc Committee Guidelines
    • Section 1.3: ad hoc Committee Listing
      A.    Sustainability, no sunset specified
      B.    Strategic Planning, May 28, 2012
             Motions 10/11-53document; 11/12-7document; 11/12-8document; 11/12-27document
      C.    Veterans Recognition, November 1, 2011
             Motion 11/12-13document
      D.    New Faculty Orientation to Shared Governance, December 1, 2011
             Motion 11/12-14document
      E.    International Laboratory Working Group, March 29, 2013
             Motion 11/12-31document
      F.    Strategic Plan Progress Committee (SPPC) December 14, 2012
             Motion 11/12-74document  12/13-1document
      G.    Committee on Graduate Studies, April 9, extended to April 30, 2012
      H. Committee on Program Prioritization and Program Audit and Review (PP-PAR),
             February 15, 2013 11/12-121document
  • Article II: Administrative Decisions and Shared Governance
    • Section 2.1: Administrative Decisions affecting Academic and co-curricular programs and Shared Governance
    • Section 2.2: New Faculty and Staff Orientation
    • Section 2.3: Renaming Academic Departments and Units
  • Article III: Appointments
    •     Section 3.1: Committee Chair Appointments
    •     Section 3.2: Faculty Appointments to University-level Committees
    •     Section 3.3: Faculty Appointment to University of Wisconsin System Committees
    •     Section 3.4: Faculty Appointments to Regional and other non-UWRF and non-UW System Committees
  • Article IV: Assessment
    •     Section 4.1: Assessment Plan Elements for Evaluating Assessment Plans
  • Article V: Athletics
    •     Section 5.1: Procedures for Terminating or suspending a varsity sport
  • Article VI: Awards
  • Article VII:  Compensation Issues
    •     Section 7.1: Academic Advisor Summer School Compensation
    •     Section 7.2: Annual Adjustment of Compensation
    •     Section 7.3: Compensation for Education Abroad faculty
    •     Section 7.4: Compensation for Instructional Academic Staff on Senate
    •     Section 7.5: Compensation for Summer and J-Term
    •     Section 7.6: Salary Adjustment Plan
    •     Section 7.7: Salary Adjustment Plan Data to be Publicly Available
    •     Section 7.8: Senate Chair Compensation
  • Article VIII: Elections
  • Article IX: Fulbright Fellowships
  •     Section 9.1: UWRF Policy Regarding Fulbright Grants to Teach or Research Abroad
  • Article XI: ROTC
  • Article XII: Strategic Planning
    •  Section 13.1: Strategic Planning Roadmap
    •  Section 13.2: Mission, Vision, Values [11/12-44document]
    •  Section 13.3: Preamble [11/12-64document]
    •  Section 13.4: Goals [11/12-64document]
    •  Section 13.5: Initiatives [11/12-65document] [11/12-82document] [11/12-90document]
    •  Section 13.6: Metrics [11/12-95document]
    •  Section 13.7: Pathway to Distinction Final Approval [11/12-106document]
    •  Section 13.8: Implementation
      • 13.8.1: To approve the following charge to the International Programs Committee: In relation to the Year-Of.....initiative of the current strategic plan Pathway to Distinction, to identify countries, plan for events (to the appropriate pre-annual depth), and coordinate the current year's events for three countries on a rolling horizon, with the first Year-Of...beginning in the 2013-2014 academic year. [FS 11/12-116document]
      • 13.8.2: To approve the following charge to the Faculty Welfare and Personnel Policy Committee: In relation to the Leadership Institute initiative of the current strategic plan Pathway to Distinction, to develop and institute an ongoing leadership program to train and inform all UWRF personnel who are responsible for managing academic departments, units, and colleges of their responsibilities, duties, the responsibilities of those whom they supervise, and the personnel policies of UWRF and UWS.  Particular emphasis is to be paid to departmental chair development for 2012-2013. [FS 11/12-117document]