Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter II: Administrative Organization

2.4 Assistant Chancellor for Business and Finance

The Assistant Chancellor for Business and Finance serves as the Chief Business Officer and the Public Record Custodian of the university. Budget planning and project management professionals directly support the Assistant Chancellor.  

2.4.1 Accounting Services

Under direction of the Controller, Accounting Services defines, implements and communicates campus fiscal policy and procedure, interprets UW-System, state and federal policy as it relates to fiscal operations, maintains an accounting and budget control system for the campus, and provides guidance to the campus community in the use of internal reporting systems.

2.4.2 Financial Aid

Financial Aid is responsible for ensuring compliance with all federal and state regulations regarding the calculation, distribution and reporting of all financial assistance, ensuring that all institutional, federal, and state funding sources are utilized within budget parameters, and providing counsel and advise to parents, students, and educators regarding higher education financing.

2.4.3 Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for the administration and communication of all benefits plans to new and existing employees, and execution of payroll.

2.4.4 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

In consultation with the Chancellor, the Director of Human Resources provides leadership in the area of equal employment opportunity, American with Disabilities Act, affirmative action, and compliance.

2.4.5 Risk Management

The Risk Management department facilitates university compliance with environmental and occupational safety programs that meet standards established by federal, state and local agencies. Risk Management also coordinates the university's property and liability programs along with promoting risk minimization activities.