Out to Lunch

Getting to know faculty is an important part of the college experience so we created Out to Lunch, which promotes student and faculty interaction outside the classroom.  Students can invite their professor to lunch (or breakfast or dinner) in Riverside Commons.  We cover the cost of the faculty member's meal and students pay for their own meal with their meal plan, Falcon Dollars, cash, or credit.  New students receive their first Out to Lunch ticket during WOW and can pick up additional tickets in the Department of New Student and Family Programs.

How does Out to Lunch work?

1) Invite a professor to lunch by asking him/her before or after class; calling his/her office; sending him/her an e-mail.

2) Use the Out to Lunch ticket you received during Week of Welcome or pick one up in the Department of New Student and Family Programs in South Hall, Room 115.

3) Enjoy a meal in Riverside Commons. You can even take your professor to breakfast or dinner if you prefer!

4) Have a great conversation with your professor. Consider talking about a topic discussed in class; an upcoming assignment; how the professor's academic career developed; why the professor came to UWRF; what the professor enjoys about teaching; your career goals and aspirations; hobbies, sports, fine arts, or anything else.

5) Give us your feedback! Send us an e-mail and tell us more about your experience.

6) Encourage your friends, classmates, and others to experience Out to Lunch!

The Student Perspective:
Out to Lunch is a great program, especially for a commuter student like myself because I am able to spend more time building personal relationships with faculty that I normally would not spend a lot of time with."
- Zach Rossow

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