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As a new student, we invite you to participate in one of our residential learning communities. Learning Community members choose to live in the same residence hall and take several classes with their floor members.

As a Learning Community participant, we’ll help you transition through academic and social challenges by providing a small, supportive living and learning environment. You can expect to interact closely with UWRF faculty, staff, and students and develop lasting relationships that will shape your undergraduate experience.

Selecting a Learning Community
Once you've been admitted, you can indicate your preference for this type of living environment on your University Housing Contract.  Enrollment in each of our learning communities is limited.  The earlier you respond, the greater your chance of being included in your community of choice.  It's important that you review each of the communities carefully, before submitting your preferences.

By joining a Learning Community, you agree to:

  • Participate for two semesters and live in the hall for your designated community. 
  • Enroll in all courses designated for the Learning Community for both semesters (unless you have approval from the Director of New Student and Family Programs to make changes from the official course schedule).
  • Participate as much as you are able in the official academic and social activities of your Learning Community in an effort to develop the relationships that are vital to its success.

Class Registration
Once selected for the Learning Community, you will be pre-registered for the fall and spring semester courses.  You will then have the opportunity add 2-3 additional classes to your schedule during New Student Registration.


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