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 Dear UWRF Host Families, 

I am hopeful that spring has FINALLY come! In addition to the weather changing (and then changing again), your host students' lives are changing too. As the end of the semester approaches, they will soon be busy with final assignments and exams. Spring is usually a hectic time of year academically. Students are scrambling to prepare for final projects and exams; they are running full speed towards the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The end of the semester also means that there are only a few weeks left before many of our exchange students and graduating students will leave UWRF. Many students are already thinking about leaving the US and River Falls. It is clear that they will miss their lives at UWRF and the friends and family they have made. If you are hosting an exchange student or a student who is graduating this May, they may feel sad and not quite ready to leave. As a host family, you have the opportunity to help your student manage those feelings. Talk to them about it. Ask how they feel about returning home, leaving UWRF, and saying goodbye to your family. Be sure to share how you feel too!  It can be just as difficult for you to say goodbye to your host student as it is for them to say goodbye to you. As always, if you think your student could use a little extra help dealing with the transition, please let us know and we can reach out.

The Global Programing Society (GPS) would like to extend a big THANK YOU to those of you who were able to attend the International Bazaar last week! It was a huge success! Over 600 guests, including a number of host families, joined us for an evening of incredible food and exceptional entertainment. If you any photos at the event, please send them to our way! 

We would like to invite you and your student to join us for host family bowling event on Sunday, May 4 from 2-4pm.  The cost is $7/person which includes shoe rental and two hours of bowling. It's a great opportunity to spend time with your student and get to know other families and students participating in the host family program. If you would like to attend, please email us at no later than Wednesday, April 23 and more information will be provided.    

Even though there are only a few weeks left of the semester, there are a lot of great events happening at UWRF this month! Check out the student events and activities page to learn more!  

Best regards,

Graduate Student Intern
International Student Services



Host Family Handbook

Check out the Host Family Handbookdocument for more information about being a Host Family and to view a list of activities you can do with your student!

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