Medical Withdrawal

Medical / Emergency Withdrawal Procedure

  1. Withdraw from University of Wisconsin-River Falls by submitting to the Registrars office a completed Withdrawal Form – check Medical if you want to request a tuition reimbursement under the Medical / Emergency withdrawal policy.
  2. Follow the steps outlined on the Withdrawal form and if you have financial aid – check with the financial aid office on the impact of withdrawing as you may be owing money (even after any percentage of tuition reimbursed).
  3. Contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, to obtain a Tuition Reimbursement form call 715-425-0720.
  4. Submit the Tuition Reimbursement form to the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards with all documentation that supports your medical/emergency withdrawal.
    1. Attach personal statement that fully describes the circumstances that led to your withdrawal.
    2. Attach required supporting documentation – Any documentation provided is protected by FERPA.
  5. The Medical / Emergency withdrawal committee meets once every month – after the committee makes a decision on your Medical/Emergency withdrawal and tuition reimbursement, you will be notified by letter of the committee’s decision.
  6. If a tuition reimbursement is approved above the UW system normal guidelines for withdrawal reimbursement – you will be required to sign an agreement (if applicable) that requires you to submit to the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards documentation that the circumstances for which you are withdrawing has been solved or managed to a point where you can return to UW-River Falls and be successful.

UWRF Prorated Refund Schedule for Extenuating Circumstances (if approved Medical/Emergency Committee):

 Weeks into the Semester  Percent Refund


 30% refund


 20% refund

 13-end of term  

 10% refund

Students are liable for any and all charges incurred after the effective withdrawal date.

Normal UW System withdrawal Reimbursement guidelines:

Weeks into the Semester
 Percent Reimbursement

 Week 1 and 2

 100% tuition reimbursement

 Week 3 and 4

 50% tuition reimbursement

 After week 4

 No tuition reimbursement

For information on student medical withdrawals, e-mail or call 715-425-0720.

View a printable version of the Medical/Emergency Withdrawal Procedure.

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