Late Fees & Finance Charges

A LATE FEE is charged to any student who does not make the minimum 1/3 payment by the due date. This fee is in the amount of $75 and will only be charged once during the semester, any subsequent charges during the same semester will be in the form of FINANCE CHARGES.

A FINANCE CHARGE, will be assessed at an annual percentage rate of 12% (1% monthly).  As of September 1st, 2015 the finance charge will be assessed at an annual percentage rate of 15% (1.25% Monthly).  It will be calculated on the unpaid balance and will be added to each bill. The unpaid balance is computed by taking the previous balance and subtracting payments and credits received. To avoid all finance charges, the account must be paid in full by the second due date for fall and spring terms.  J-Term and Summer balances must be paid by the first due date for that term.  Financial aid must be credited to your account, not in pending status, by these due dates to avoid finance charges.



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