Employment Opportunity

Mathematics Position Vacancy

Instructor needed to teach MATH 246: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers for Fall 2014-15 semester.   MATH 246 addresses elementary and middle school topics in mathematics from a teaching standpoint. The course focuses on the connections and reasoning needed for a deep understanding of elementary mathematics by featuring multiple representations of elementary topics, including manipulative, visual, and numerical approaches. Topics covered include sets, algebraic reasoning at the elementary level, whole number operations concepts and algorithms, and elementary level two-dimensional geometry.   The course meets four days a week, although there is an option of a hybrid course that meets three days a week, with an online component.   


Experience teaching mathematics teaching and learning at the elementary or middle school level, a strong background in mathematics (at least at the level of having an undergraduate minor), and a masters degree in a related field. Experience teaching at the secondary or post-secondary level is desirable. 


$1350 per credit or higher, depending upon background and experience. Math 246: Math for Elementary Teachers I is a 4 credit course.  

To Apply 

Click on the link,, then click on "Apply to this Job", and then follow the instructions given. For questions contact Bob Coffman at Robert.L.Coffman@uwrf.edumail or (715) 425-3326.