Welcome to the Mathematics Department at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls!

At River Falls, our mathematics instruction is dedicated to nurturing and developing students' creative mathematical talents as problem-solvers. The River Falls mathematics faculty has diverse backgrounds and research interests, including combinatorics, differential equations, number theory, functional analysis, mathematics education, numerical analysis, probability, and statistics.

Students who major in mathematics at UWRF follow many satisfying careers.  The UWRF mathematics minor is a excellent choice for students majoring in sciences, social sciences, business and education.

The Mathematics Department is arranged so that many faculty have study spaces directly outside their offices providing an environment of easy accessibility to professors. The department supports a Math Study Room where students work and informally interact with one another, and a Math Help Center which is staffed with upper level students who can provide help and insights to students studying mathematics in their first two years.

 Math Modeling Team 2016 Meritorious Joe Opseth, Kyle Swanson, Sanghee Lee

UWRF Math Modeling Team Meritorious Winners of COMAP 2016 Contest 

Team members Joe Opseth, Kyle Swanson and Sanghee Lee pictured above share their research results on URSCA Day. The designation, Meritorious places them in the top 8% of all participants.  In their paper, "Clearing Orbital Debris," they analyzed seven different methods for clearing space debris for commercial viability. Their model used ideas from combinatorics and Solow models.


Math Modeling Team 2016 Honorable Mention Dagan Hathaway, Maria Eskro, Austin Wilcox

 UWRF Math Modeling Team Honorable Mention Winners of COMAP 2016 Contest

Team members Dagan Hathaway, Maria Eskro and Austin Wilcox pictured above share their research results on URSCA Day.  The designation, Honorable Mention places them in the top 43% of all participants.  In their paper, "The Sky is Falling: A Study of Space Debris," they developed a computer simulation to analyze the financial and political viability of clearing space debris with either a sling-sat or an ablative laser.

Mathematics Events

Math Placement Test (for current UWRF students)

All students who have not taken college-level courses in math are required to take the Wisconsin Regional Placement Test before registering for a math class.

Math Department Test Dates:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
North Hall 205

Thursday, April 20, 2017
North Hall 18

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
North Hal 205

Must sign up to assure the availability of a test. 

Test information and a Practice Mathematics Placement Test

Regional Testing Options 

To sign up for a Math Placement Test with the UWRF Math Department, contact:

Andrea Scharfbillig
207 North Hall


Math Test-Outs

Spring 2017 Test Out
Tuesday, March 21
North Hall 205

Test Out Information Sheet

Must sign up to assure the availability of a test.

Test-Outs available for:
Math 146: College Algebra
Math 147: College Algebra/Trigonometry
Math 156: Calculus for Business/Social Science
Math 166: Calculus I
Math 167: Calculus II

To sign up or for more information contact:

Andrea Scharfbillig
207 North Hall



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