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How can I vote?

  • Voting will take place online. Click herelink to vote.
  • The polls will be open from 12am March 3rd until 11:45pm March 5th.
  • Who can vote? All UWRF students.

A "yes" vote...

  • Is the FALCON thing to do
  • Approves a $200 operating fee for the Falcon Center, phased to start 2015-2016 for $175 and increase $25 in 2016-2017 for a total of $200/year from then on
  • Helps replace the "Equipment" line in the budget that had to be used to cover higher than anticipated construction costs 
  • Is better than a gym membership, assures all students NO ADDITIONAL COST access to the fitness center, Falcon Outdoor Adventures, climbing wall, gymnasiums and group fitness programs and studios 
  • Provides distinctive, modern, well-managed fitness facilities, that are LARGER, FRESHER and SAFER 
  • Enhances your college experience by INVESTING in your physical HEATLH and WELLNESS for just $16.60 / month 
  • Guarantees greater opportunities for FLEXIBLE student employment opportunities on campus 
  • Provides MORE AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITIES for open recreation, sport club practices and intramural activities 
  • Allows for greater FLEXIBILITY in scheduling personal, group, class or team recreation 
  • Ensures a greater VARIETY and NUMBER of wellness activities offered 
  • Provides PEOPLE, PROGRAMS and SERVICES rather than just bricks and mortar 
  • Enriches your educational experience by not only educating your MIND, but also your BODY 
  • Helps UWRF recruit the BEST students to our campus 
  • Provides QUALITY wellness FACILITIES and PROGRAMS during your tenure at UW-River Falls 
  • Provides a dedicated space for ALL students to enhance their WELLNESS

A "no" vote...

  • Constricts the Falcon Center to open with only limited furnishings, equipment, and staffing
  • Restricts access to the new high performance facilities because of fewer open hours of operation
  • Limits student employment opportunities
  • Means fewer student internship or practical learning opportunities
  • Reduces the availability of professional staff members, programs, and services to help students achieve their goals
  • Restricts the ability for future facility improvements/repairs, equipment replacement, and continuation of programs

Falcon Center Benefits

Proposed Improvement Benefit

Limited access to recreational space 2 - 7pm 

7 new recreational spaces available

6 spaces will be open from 2 - 7pm

Students & faculty/staff have more options during desired workout time of 2 - 7pm

Inadequate fitness center

New 15,000 sq. ft. fitness center

State-of-the-art facility and equipment with increased hours

Greater fitness/wellness opportunities for the campus community

Limited  and inadequate space for fitness/wellness activities

3 new multipurpose rooms

Appropriate flooring sound and lighting conducive to fitness/wellness activities

Expanded fitness/wellness activities

Subpar NCAA competition venues

New performance gymnasium and renovated ice arena

Larger competitive gym and new ice arena seating

Improved player and spectator amenities

Outdated classrooms and learning space

3 new classrooms, 1 active learning classroom and 1 state-of-the-art exercise physiology lab

Better suited environment and technology for learning

Higher quality education experience

Inadequate outdoor adventure center spaces and location

New climbing and rental center

State-of-the-art climbing wall and increased rental center space

Expanded offerings and increased exposure for outdoor adventures programs

Outdated and shared locker room facilities

New dedicated locker rooms for students, faculty/staff and athletic teams

Increase in private and secure locker rooms with modern amenities

Increased convenience for all users

Learn more about the financial impactdocument

Project Description

This project constructs a new 162,300 GSF building for the Health and Human Performance programs, athletics, and student recreation as an addition to the existing Hunt/Knowles complex. The building includes classrooms, a human performance laboratory, a large gymnasium, dance studio, auxiliary gym, offices, locker rooms, training rooms, and other supporting spaces. The project also remodels approximately 14,670 GSF of space in the existing Hunt/Knowles complex. Upon completion of the Falcon Center, the 67,150 GSF Karges Physical Education Center and the 20,484 GSF Emogene Nelson Building (now occupied by HHP) will be demolished.

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Falcon Center Rendering of exterior

exterior view 2, 807 pix