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Farm master plan_students_2_webIn spring 2013, CAFES began the process of constructing a Master Plan for the Campus and Mann Valley Farms. This Plan serves as a guide for the development of the farms over the next 20 years. A planner from Vierbicher Associates and our campus planner led a steering committee of faculty and staff through several workshops to help better define our needs now and into the future.

Students, industry representatives, campus and local community members were also also invited to participate at various stages in the process.

The final Master Plans for the Laboratory Farms (PDF links available below) address current shortfalls in order to provide a first-class teaching facility for CAFES students.

Campus Farm

Master Plan Highlights

  • Demolish remaining dairy operation structures; construct new hay/bedding/manure storage facility
  • Renovate the existing classroom/pavilion building to create a welcome center for visitors, combination technology-enhanced classroom/laboratory
  • Expand indoor riding arena
  • Build a second horse barn connected to the arena to mirror the existing colt barn
  • Build a new larger pavilion building to accommodate both equine and small animals
  • Maintain fruit breeding area, construct new greenhouse, establish alternative farming systems demonstration site

Master Plan Priorities

  • Demolition of remaining dairy operation structures
  • Construction of hay/bedding/manure storage unit
  • Renovation of existing classroom/pavilion building

Mann Valley Farm

Master Plan Highlights

  • Construct a larger pavilion with animal handling facilities and classrooms
  • Replace existing swine facilities
  • Renovate existing beef facilities
  • Construct a new poultry facility
  • Add additional acreage to increase crop diversity for programming
  • Partner with regional entities on large expo arena

Master Plan Priorities

  • Demolition of vertical silos and select sheds
  • Construction of new swine facilities
  • Construction of new pavilion

Final Master Plans

Two maps are included in the final Master Plan for each farm:

  1. Overall map: shows the entire area of each farm
  2. Core map: focuses on the farmstead proper

Overall Master Plan

Campus Farmdocument
Mann Valley Farmdocument

Core Master Plan

Campus Farmdocument
Mann Valley Farmdocument

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