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This trip may satisfy the general education Global Perspectives requirement. Consult with your adviser for details.

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Here is a cow that was painted for a harvest festival. The color yellow is symbolic of a merchant or farmer. The India version of the taxi (called a tuk tuk), everyone must ride in one of these it is a blast! A few UWRF students talking to Indian students from an orphanage, one of the highlights of the trip for me. A portable milking unit used at a dairy farm in India. The farmer had 15 cows and was considered a “large” dairy operation in the area. The farmer milked his cows twice a day and got approximately 1 liter per cow per milking. The inside of one of the many temples we visited, which were all absolutely amazing. We all got to take elephant rides… For 25 cents a person! The Mysore Palace was a very large attraction in Mysore. However the real attraction was at night. The Mysore Palace was fitted with thousands of lights that were turned on for a brief time each night.


Meet students who participated in the J-term trip to India in 2013.


I am an Environmental Engineering Technology student in my senior year. I went on the India Study Abroad trip with no knowledge of India or their culture. I was amazed throughout the trip. It was crazy to see farm animals grazing the streets of a city of 10 million people. The country had an organized chaos that still makes me wonder how it works. Everyone we came in contact with was excited to meet us and ask us questions about our country and things as simple as what our names are. The trip also opened my eyes to how varying agriculture can be. Some farmers have modern combines, and others cut their grain by hand, travel it by ox cart to the road, and lay it out on the road to be run over by vehicular traffic for threshing. We toured a dairy farm, which was in the middle of a small village, where they milked a total of 15 cows. I have made many new friends and this trip has created a lifetime of memories.


Hi, my name is Anthony Scheffel I was a senior at UWRF studying Agricultural Engineering Technology when I attended the India J-Term trip in 2013. I thought this trip was a once in a life time experience. The friends you get to know on the trip are ones that you will be friends with for the rest of your life. The things you see and learn about are also things that you will never forget. I enjoyed learning about the differences between our culture and theirs. I also liked how friendly the people were there.


This trip was very enlightening for all of us. There were many that didn't want to go at first but liked the idea of an earlier graduation. I, however, was very excited for this opportunity. My name is Bethany Mazur and I am senior in the Agricultural Engineering department with an Environmental focus. This was one of the best experiences of my life. Remember to take a tuk tuk (rickshaw) ride, try to find a cobra, and go to the market. The trip is so wonderfully put together, you even get to ride an elephant!


I am a graduating senior in the Agricultural Engineering Technology program at UWRF. The India J-term trip was an eye-opening experience for me. I was a bit unsure about going to India at first, but after the trip I can say I'm truly glad I went. We learned a lot about sustainability practices, which was interesting to me since I have a degree focus on environmental sustainability. I would highly recommend the trip to anyone; you earn course credit for a two week trip and have the experience of a lifetime.

Twelve students and two faculty members from CAFES took part in a trip to India in 2013. The group traveled over J-term and visited the cities of Bangalore, Mysore, and Suttur in India. We visited a sustainable agriculture farm, silk worm farms, temples, palaces, and got to spend some time with the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI). The CFTRI is world-renowned in food science and technology, gaining approximately 100 new patents each year! The trip lasted two weeks and students had the opportunity to earn course credit for their attendance and participation in the class.

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How can I go to India?

Interested in experiencing India for yourself over J-term in 2016? Check back in fall 2015 for registration details.

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