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The University of Wisconsin - River Falls provides superb academics, while offering affordable tuition and room and board. Crunching numbers? Take a look at the figures below. We are consistently one of the most affordable four-year institutions in the Midwest. 

One way we make college affordable is by offering a textbook rental program. At River Falls, students are not required to buy their textbooks. The rental program cost in already included in the cost of tuition.


Colleges and Universities

Estimated Annual Cost*


University of Wisconsin - River Falls


University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire


Winona State University


University of Minnesota - Duluth


University of Wisconsin - Madison


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


Bethel University


University of St. Thomas


Marquette University



* The estimated annual cost includes tuition, fees, room and board and textbooks at each of the individual institutions listed above. These figures were pulled in Spring 2015 from their individual websites and reflect the approximate average annual cost for a Wisconsin or Minnesota resident.

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