Elementary Education

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Our Program

The four-year curriculum leading to the bachelor’s degree in elementary education is designed to prepare teachers for elementary schools, grades 1-8. The program consists of a broad general education, professional preparation for effective teaching at the elementary education level, and special preparation in an academic minor. 

During the first semester, students who are majoring in elementary education will begin observing. Every year students have to fulfill specific observation hours. After the four years of classes and observing, students are placed in schools for student teaching. 

The elementary education program is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The program meets all the standards established by national professional organizations with a dynamic professional education faculty who will help you develop a strong knowledge base in your discipline and the skills to teach it.

“I decided I wanted a career where I can have fun every day. Where making children smile and grow was my only job. It means everything to me that I will make a lasting impression in their lives as well as love my job.”
Katy Van Putten, current student

For more information on Elementary Education, please contact:

Geoff Scheurman - Chair
257 Walker Wyman Education


The elementary education major offers undergraduate students a unique program which coordinates their academic coursework with a broad range of teaching experiences in preschools, elementary schools and middle schools. In keeping with the missions of university, our students are immersed in working partnerships with “real” schools, teachers, and children. This allows them to apply their knowledge and decision-making skills as they learn them in their classes.


There are plenty of clubs and organizations for elementary education students to get involved in. Most of the popular clubs specifically designed for education majors are Early Childhood Enthusiasts and Tomorrow’s Educators. Some other clubs that are popular are Big Brother Big Sister, service-based clubs, and Habitat for Humanity.

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Faculty serve as academic advisors and as supervisors in the pre-student teaching and student teaching field experiences. This provides students the opportunity for one-to-one interactions with their elementary education professors throughout the course of their program.

UW-River Falls is an active member of the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST), an association that places education students in schools in foreign countries to fulfill student teaching requirements.

Upon completion of requirements, the elementary education major is eligible for license in Wisconsin for middle school childhood-early adolescence. Addition of the early childhood minor meets requirements for pre-k and kindergarten certification. 

UW-River Falls has excellent resources to assist you in becoming an effective teacher, such as small class size, accessible faculty, and early observations.