Student Involvement

The Agricultural Business and Marketing Society (ABMS) is a student club. Among other things, they invite industry representatives to come and talk about their jobs, opportunities in their business, and issues facing their sector.

Each year, the Agricultural Economics department and ABMS co-host a social the evening before the campus career fair to which we invite all the agricultural employers, and CAFES faculty and students.

Every other year, the ABMS organizes an agricultural issues forum on a topic of current interest. Past events focused on how to work effectively with Hispanic employees and farming renewable energy (biomass, ethanol, wind). Industry representatives often present and/or attend these events.

Ag Star Scholars is a program to which juniors can apply and, if selected, receive a $2,000 stipend, work on an applied research project under the mentorship of a faculty member. They present their results to the top management professionals of Ag Star Financial Services.

Agricultural Economics also sponsors student attendance at youth leadership programs (e.g. Agricultural Futures of America, College Conference on Cooperatives) that have strong industry ties.

The College has an active internship program and credits earned by students in this professional experience count toward their degree. The department works hard to connect students with industry professionals throughout their college career.

ABMS at the 2013 UWRF Student Involvement Fair

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