The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Risk Management department facilitates university compliance with environmental and occupational safety programs that meet standards established by federal, state and local agencies. Risk Management also coordinates the university's property and liability programs along with promoting risk minimization activities.  For more information regarding the mission and current goals of the Risk Management office visit the Safety Program page.



Important Information

  • Active Shooterdocument - How to Respond (13 page Booklet from US Department of Homeland Security)  Also, contact Risk Management at x.3344 if you would like to borrow the 20 minute video "Shots Fired on Campus" to share at a department meeting or other venue.
  • Work Station Self-Assessmentdocument - Workplace environment health assessment of your personal work station.                           
  • Risk Assessment Matrix - A sample guide that helps identify, discuss, and address potential risks associated with various activities and events.