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The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Risk Management department facilitates university compliance with environmental and occupational safety programs that meet standards established by federal, state and local agencies. Risk Management also coordinates the university's property and liability programs along with promoting risk minimization activities.  For more information regarding the mission and current goals of the Risk Management office visit the Safety Program page.

Important Information

NEW! Winter Precaution - Walk Like a Penguin!
  • Point arms down at an angle and feet slightly outward.
  • Keep Knees slightly bent
  • Take slow short steps or shuffle to increase traction.

 Freddy walking like a Penguin

               Freddy was spotted Walking Like A Penguin.

The Bureau of State Risk Management & UW System risk Management partnered in developing winter slip and fall prevention resources included below are: A new "Walk Like A Penguin" poster and additional reminder tips. Please utilize the materials at your discretion to assist in preventing winter slip and fall injuries.


  • Plan ahead giving yourself enough time.
  • Wear appropriate footwear that provide traction.
  • Limit what you carry to provide better balance.


  • Use designated walkways and avoid taking shortcuts.
  • When walking on steps, always use hand railings and plant feet firmly on each step.
  • Look out for black ice, especially early morning and in areas shaded from the Sun.
  • Immediately report any unsafe condition to buildings and grounds. 

Surviving an Active Shooter Incident: Statistics and How to React 

Risk Assessment Matrix - A sample guide that helps identify, discuss, and address potential risks associated with various activities and events.

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