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Fire drills were performed on campus September 16, 2014.  The UWRF Safety Committee drill volunteers appreciated everyone's cooperation with the building evacuations.  If you have any comments or suggestions for future improvement please e-mail

View by building a recap of evacuation times and noted comments from drill leaders.

View fire alarm response Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have additional questions you'd like to add to the list for response, please e-mail at the link above. Get back to basics with the Fire Safety Basics.

Several key messages are being shared based on results of drill performance.

What went well:

  1. Good cooperation for the drill and response to the alarms.

  2. Most individuals took the drills seriously and were genuinely interested in assuring an effective evacuation.

What needs improvement: 

  1. Get up and get out of the building when the alarm goes off!

  2. Swift movement is key. Do not go back into the building for any reason.

  3. Utilize all options for exit paths. Many times people walked right past an emergency exit door to get to a main stairwell. There were bottlenecks in some stairwells because people had other options but didn't use them. (Don't take the nearest route to the Post Evacuation Assembly Area. Use the closest door to get out!)

  4. All staff and students need to move further away from the building and go to designated "Post Evacuation Assembly Areas". If fire fighters do need to respond, they will need room around the building to drive trucks and stage equipment. A good rule of thumb is to stay about 150 feet away from the building. Check the poster in the classroom to find the designated area. If the poster is not there, let Risk Management know so it can be replaced.

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