Residence Hall Contract Cancellation


Contract Cancellations

Residents who cancel their contract within the Residence Hall Portal on or before May 1, 2015, for the 2015-16 academic year or November 15, 2015, for spring only semester 2016 will receive a refund of their $100.00 deposit, assuming there are no outstanding fees or charges on the student bill. If a Residence cancels after these specified deadline dates and prior to the first day of classes, or applies after these dates and then cancels, the $100.00 deposit will not be refunded.


Termination of Residence Hall Contract by Resident

Starting the first day of classes of the academic year, a Resident who has checked into a residence hall during this contract period may apply to the Director of Residence Life or their designee for a contract termination for the following circumstances:

  • Loss of student status as defined as transferring to another school, suspension, withdrawal or failure to attend.
  • Assigned to a University sponsored internship, research, or other University program that requires living away from River Falls.
  • Completion of graduation requirements during the term of the contract.
  • Marriage or Parenthood. Presentation of certification(s) is required.
  • Call to active military duty. Documentation is required.

If the Resident receives approval for one of the above circumstances this contract will be terminated. Any remaining charges will be prorated to the Resident's student account based on the date of checkout.

All other Residents are obligated to live in the residence hall for the entire year.  If a Resident vacates before the final week of the academic year without approval of the Director of Residence Life or their designee it will result in a breach of contract. In this case the Resident will be responsible for 85% of the remaining cost of the 2015-16 academic year contract based on check out date, and the Resident will forfeit the deposit.

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